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Teambuilding Westerwald & Westerburg


In the high altitudes of the Westerwald, our professionals help teams to achieve top performance, managers to develop new qualities and employees and colleagues to gain fresh motivation. Because the action field of nature in combination with real, physical challenges creates personality developments that would not be possible in everyday life.

The participants can, for example, make faster and better decisions from the experience gained, as they have learned to block out emotions and make rational decisions. After the team course it has been shown, for example, that group dynamic processes run better, faster and more effectively. For managers and personnel developers, observing the team course exercises offers the opportunity to get to know their team better and to use individual employees more effectively or to recognise their abilities and promote them in a targeted way.

Together with the Outdoor Team Westerwald, we have put together numerous team development programmes for you and your groups, almost all of which can be carried out all year round.

Here are our highlights for successful team training.

Lecture "Working successfully in teams

Basics of teamwork, successful models, team development according to B. Tuckmann, team diagnosis, phenomena in teamwork

Duration: from 1 hour
Price from 2 people: € 215.00

Torchlight hike

How about an adventurous torchlight hike through the silence of the night? Equipped with torches, you and your colleagues will be guided through the romantic landscape by a companion.

Duration: from 1,5 hours
Price from 4 people: € 20.00 per person

All Season - Biathlon Challenge

The group event with team character! Challenge yourself and your colleagues in an exciting competition. As a team, you have to master various tasks and stations, always demonstrating your ability to concentrate. Hits are rewarded with points - misses are punished with penalties.

Duration: from 1,5 hours
Price up to 10 people: € 387.00
each additional person: € 24.00

Occupational health

Functional and relaxing exercises for body and mind promote creativity and increase attention for the rest of the seminar. The little freshness kick for your seminar!

Duration: 30 minutes / 60 minutes
Price: € 125.00 / € 155.00

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