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Fun, Sport & Play

Whether as a supporting programme for a conference, as a motivating start to the year, as a kick-off or as a company outing - our offers adapt to your individual wishes. These suggestions are merely building blocks which you are welcome to put together to create your own individual social programme. We will be happy to support you!

Golf taster course

Are you looking for a sporty balance for yourself and your participants during or after a strenuous conference? Then give golf a try! Experienced trainers will accompany you on your first steps into the fascinating world of golf. On request, we can also organise a golf tournament for you on our 6-hole short course.

Price per person (from 2 people): € 45.00
Duration: 2 hours

Adventure Trophy - Teamchallenge

Participants are divided into groups, each team is supervised by a trainer and runs through a course with various challenges. Fun is guaranteed!

Price per person (from 6 people): from € 559.00
Duration: 4 to 6 hours

Soapbox building - it's getting racy!

[Translate to English:] Project planning, conception, construction, design and presentation - and all this in a soapbox for adults. In groups, you can design, build and create your own soapbox from a kit. Afterwards, you will drive out the winner of the competition in an exciting race.

Price per person ( from 5 people): from € 1,089.00
Duration: approx. 3 hours

The treasure from the Wiesensee

Treasure hunt with GPS, compass and map. With the help of GPS devices, find individual points in the terrain where various tasks have to be solved. Once you have found all the waypoints and solved all the tasks and challenges, you can recover a treasure on your return to Lake Wiesen.

Price per person (from 6 people): from € 690.00
Duration: 2,5 to 3 hours

More ideas for your event

  • Mountain bike tour through the Westerwald
  • Torchlight hike
  • Seminar fitness - motivational boost for in between
  • Carrera Racing - Formula 1 in mini format
  • Human Soccer - become a footballer
  • Fireside chats in a small circle
  • Lumberjack Olympics with axe throwing, rope pulling, log sawing, beer mug pushing and other creative tasks (especially suitable for larger groups)

Prices quoted by external parties on our website are subject to change. More price details at the hotel.

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