Barbecue Westerburg at Westerwald


Barbecuing itself is one of the most individual research sciences, but unfortunately in many latitudes it is largely dependent on the weather. Not at the Wiesensee! We barbecue when we want - or you do! And in an absolutely chilled-out way. Our Grillkota makes it possible, whatever the weather.

Invented in Finland as a relocatable home, the Grillkota at Wiesensee is a fantastic location for culinary get-togethers in a simply enchanting and very cosy atmosphere. Up to 16 people can be seated comfortably around the "fireplace", and in summer the outdoor area offers around 25 additional seats. But the beauty of it is not only the goodness in it, but also the luxurious fact that you don't have to worry about anything. We prepare everything for you. You step inside and enjoy an undisturbed, delicious barbecue with friends and colleagues.

Barbecuing in the Westerwald is just pretty cool!

Not just better. Different.

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