Still no idea what your event, teambuilding event or group trip should look like in 2022?  The extraordinary location of Lindner Hotel Am Belvedere is ideal for individual incentive and social programmes. Here you can find some ideas.


Third Man Tour

Tour of Vienna's labyrinthine sewers
- available as of May 2022

  • The heart-stopping pursuit of Orson Welles, alias Harry Lime, saw movie The Third Man and Vienna's sewers shoot to international fame.
  • Today this subterranean world is part of a state-of-the-art rainwater collection system that brings together technological innovations and an illustrious history.
  • Anyone interested in finding out more can take a look at this fascinating city beneath the city, and follow in the footsteps of infamous penicillin smuggler Harry Lime to hear new and old stories from the underworld.
  • Tours start from Girardipark at Karlsplatz (vis-a-vis Café Museum).

Group size: up to 20 persons

Team-building in between of masterpieces

The Mystery Hunt © at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

  • Invite your colleagues and friends to the impressive Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna for an outstanding team-building event: The Mystery Hunt, a Da Vinci Code inspired treasure hunt in the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities and Egyptian Collection.
  • You will find tasks that challenges your intellect, while strengthening cooperation and personal relations.
  • Round off an inspiring event with some drinks together – Fun and activity combined with art and history!

Group size: 4 up to 100 persons

In perfect time

No visit to Vienna would be complete without dancing the waltz

  • Your guests will learn to dance in three-four time at an exclusive waltz lesson hosted by one of the capital's best-known dance schools.
  • A glass of Sekt is served to help settle any nerves, before the charming dance instructor reveals the secret behind fine art of waltzing.
  • Attendees can then put their new skills to the test at an evening gala or one of the capital's numerous traditional balls.

Group size: up to 100 persons

Dragon boat racing

Bring your team closer together with one of the most successful team building exercises out there​​

  • Dragon boat racing is all about pulling together in the same direction, finding a rhythm and paddling as one to the beat of the drum.
  • Individual strength or speed does not enter into it – success or failure is all down to the performance of the team.
  • "We're all in the same boat" – turn the popular saying into reality. Achieving goals together is the name of the game, both in the world of work and on a dragon boat adventure. Teamwork is the key to success.

Group size: up to 1000 persons


Wine, sparkling wine or gin tasting

  • Viennese and Austrian wine takes center stage in an exclusive wine tasting session, for example at the seriously impressive cellars of Palais Coburg in the middle of the old town.
  • Also worth checking out: the Sektkellerei Schlumberger, where a tour of the 300-year-old cellar reveals fascinating insights into the world of sparkling wine production in Austria.
  • Or discover the sheer variety of spirits produced by the nation's distilleries, from classic dry gin to floral takes on the juniper-based classic and even a quirky beer gin.

Group size: up to 50 persons

Artistic Pursuits

Let your imagination run free at an art workshop in one of Vienna's museums

  • A team of art instructors will share their expertise to help bring out your creative side.
  • Take photographs without using a camera, or learn how to screen print.
  • After completing your magnum opus you can join a private tour of the museum's collections, followed by a sparkling wine reception.

Group size: up to 40 persons

Motorized soapbox rally through Vienna

These 14 horsepower soapbox cars are a great way to explore Vienna

  • A valid driver's license and a 0.0 breathalyzer result are all that you need to join a tour of the city.
  • The motorized soapboxes can reach speeds of up to 88 km/h (prohibited in the city).
  • Each tour is led by at least one guide who is in constant contact with participants via headset.

Group size: max. 50 persons (14 persons per tour)

Cook like the pros

Did you know that Viennese Cuisine is the only cuisine in the world to be named after a city?

  • Discover one corner of Vienna's culinary smorgasbord at a cooking course.
  • In one of numerous kitchen salons you will discover the knack behind the perfect Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, classic Viennese soup, dumplings, spaetzle and a host of other favorites.

Group size: up to 200 persons

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