We just do it - as part of the whole - naturally

Corporate Social Responsibility

We just do it! We do it as a matter of course!

As a family-owned company, Lindner sees constantly forward-thinking, sustainable action as a matter of course for social responsibility. The development of the company must not be at the expense of the environment, the regions or future generations.

The hotel industry in particular lives from its location and its people. There is no need to say that these relationships must always be promoted. With sponsorships, we prefer to support local associations on a personal level and help with charity campaigns, preferably right on our doorstep. Efficient energy, e-mobility, organic products and the principle of regionality, for example, serve to protect the location. The careful selection of partners and suppliers as well as the long-term satisfaction of our employees also play a major role - pure and simple.

Not just better. Different.

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