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General Terms of Business for the Lindner Nights Programme


  1. The following terms and conditions regulate the customer advantage programme “Lindner Nights” (hereinafter “LN”) of Lindner Hotels AG (hereinafter called “Lindner”). Participation in LN gives natural persons (hereinafter called "guests") the opportunity to collect points through overnight stays which they can then redeem for subsequent overnight stays.
  2. It is a condition of participation in LN that the guest completes the application form truthfully in writing or online at www.lindnernights.com and sends it to Lindner, and that Lindner does not refuse the application within a period of two weeks. No reasons for refusal of an application have to be given. Participation in LN is free of charge.
  3. By registering for LN, guests declare that they agree to the following conditions of participation, and in particular to the collection, storage and processing of personal data. Lindner will inform the guest regularly about special offers and events. Lindner will comply with all data protection regulations.
  4. After receipt of the application (the date the application is received by post or handed in at the reception desk) and if the application is not refused by Lindner, Lindner will set up an LN account for the guest. No points will be credited for services utilized prior to this point in time. Any individual who has reached the age of 18 years is entitled to participate in LN. Multiple registrations are not permitted. There is no legal right to participation. Employees of Lindner or its associated companies are not entitled to participate.
  5. If use is made of the services provided by a cooperation partner of Lindner, the general terms of business of the cooperation partner are applicable. Lindner is not liable for the products and services provided by the cooperation partner.

Collecting points

  1. Guests receive LN points for Lindner services under the following conditions:
    1. The guest receives the services personally or for no more than five other people per stay.
    2. Services provided by Lindner are rendered as part of an overnight stay by the guest.
    3. In principle, the guest is always entitled to point if he has paid for service provided by Lindner himself. If a third party (e.g. employer) has paid for the services, Lindner is prepared to credit the points to the customer. In this case, Lindner points out that whether or not the customer is entitled to the points will depend on their relationship to the third party. 
    4. Guests must inform about their participation in the program prior to payment.
  2. Guests receive 10 LN points for each whole euro they spend. Payments for outside costs (e.g. local taxes, charges, tourist tax and similar) are excluded. Foreign currencies are converted in-house based on the current valid exchange rate.
  3. Other customer programmes (e.g. Miles & More) and LN points cannot be credited simultaneously. The guest will receive no LN points for cash expenditures or services that are booked through a tour operator or travel agency or for stays that are charged on crew or special conditions or in the context of event bookings. No points will be credited for services that the guest settles by means of points redemption, vouchers (from a tour operator or travel agency) or by credit notes.
  4. Collected LN points will be deleted automatically 24 months after crediting if they have not yet been redeemed.

Reedeming points

  1. Collected LN points can be converted into overnight rewards. The current reward overview can be found at www.lindnernights.com.
  2. The oldest points will always be converted first. The conversion of points into monetary value and any payout or offsetting is excluded. Redemption of an LN reward requires that the guest makes a booking with the LN team. Points cannot be redeemed on the spot at a hotel.
  3. Redemptions are possible upon request and subject to availability. There may be limited or no availability for redemptions during trade-fair and high-season periods at the relevant hotel. A maximum of four nights per planned stay may be redeemed or included as a reward. When an overnight stay is booked, the corresponding number of points will be deducted from the participant’s account. If the participant does not arrive at the hotel (no-show), the redeemed points cannot be credited back to their account or exchanged for another reward. An exception to this rule is cancellations made before the respective cancellation deadline.
  4. The overnight rewards constitute a monetary benefit that is taxed by Lindner on a lump-sum basis. Guests are therefore not obliged to notify a monetary benefit and to pay taxes on Nights overnight rewards.

Account balance

  1. At the end of each quarter, guests will receive notification of their current points total by e-mail. In addition, guests can check their account balance online at any time by logging onto www.lindnernights.com using their customer number and password. Guests who do not give an e-mail address can find out about their account balance from the LN Team.
  2. A guest’s account balance will be deemed correct and complete if the guest does not object within four weeks of receipt of notification of their account balance or of a request for such information.

Termination of contract

  1. Guests may terminate their participation at any time with effect from the end of the month without the need to give notice or state the reasons for such termination. Termination must be made in writing or by e-mail. Upon termination, the guest has the right to a reward amounting to the value of the points collected up until the date of termination. Points that have not been redeemed are forfeited without compensation upon termination of the contract.
  2. If the reward programme is terminated by Lindner, a reasonable period of notice will be observed. If there is no activity on a points account for 36 months (credits or redemptions), the contract between the guest and Lindner will end automatically with effect from the end of the following month.
  3. Lindner reserves the right to terminate the reward programme at any time without giving reasons or to replace it with another programme. Termination or replacement of the programme will not give rise to any compensation claims on the part of the guest. The place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf. In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions, the guest’s account will be closed and the points contained therein will be forfeited.

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