Group Booking

Book 10 hotel rooms or more

Would you like to book 10 or more rooms? Then you’ve come to the right place! We can offer you the complete package for your group booking. Regardless of whether you want to hold an event in our hotel yourself or you need accommodation for your trade fair or your company outing. If you have any questions about events, conferences or meetings, with or without hotel rooms, get in touch with our Meetingline Team under Event Enquiries. Would you like to book an Incentive Event for your whole department? We will be pleased to assist you! Would you like to book just 10, or would you like more hotel rooms? Our Group Reservations will be more than happy to help you.

If you just want to book rooms, our Group Reservations will be happy to help you! They can give you comprehensive advice on booking a group trip with more than 10 rooms.

We’re also the perfect contact partner for your trade fair. Whether you’re simply looking for comfortable accommodation or you want to host your own event or meeting as an additional event for your trade fair, we’re here to help. In our trade fair hotels, you benefit from a large selection of rooms, suites, meeting and event rooms.

If you would like to book a meeting, an event or a conference in addition to your rooms, our Meetingline Team will be happy to help you. Turn your meeting into an event at one of our conference hotels. Our Meetingline Team will be happy to help you with the planning, reservation and booking of your event, as well as with all the little extras. As an event hotel, we not only offer you first-class hotel rooms, but also multimedia conference and event facilities.

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