Spa treatments winter

Winter treatment highlights

Four Seasons Bath

Enjoy a warming, relaxing whirlpool bath with underwater massage jets and the scent of mountain pine. Let us spoil you and get you through the winter relaxed!


Duration: ca. 25 min.
Price: € 35,00

Swiss Pine Cream (Queen of the Alps wrap with Swiss Pine oil)

Treat your body to a pine cream wrap on the warm quartz sand lounger or in our soft pack lounger. The mild and dry warmth of the quartz sand works all by itself and without any care additives. It deeply soaks into the body, whereby a soothing calm and relaxation is immediately noticeable.


Duration: ca. 30 min.
Price: € 45,00

Wellness massage

The balancing massage is a true "caress for the soul" due to the gentle harmonizing and soothing massage strokes.


Duration: ca. 50 min.
Price: € 72,00

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