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  • 5/5


    2020-09-15 by Voigt
  • 4/5

    kindly staff especially in restaurant. Limited options on the menu

    2020-08-18 by Huygen G.
    • 2020-08-18
      Dear G., Thank you for your visit and your excellent rating. We will be happy to welcome you back to our house. Best regards, Your Nürburgring Congress Hotel - managed by Lindner
  • 4/5

    Very nice stay

    2020-08-04 by Amber D. L.
    It was a really nice hotel with great services! The only downside was that if we took a shower; there’s was water outside our bathroom.
    • 2020-08-05
      Dear Amber,

      Thank you for the great review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon.


      Yout Team of the Nürburgring Congress Hotel
  • 3/5

    Good exept thebpayed parking and the nog so willing staf at the desk

    2020-07-30 by Rein
    Good exept the payed parking and the not so helpfull personel at the desk.
    • 2020-07-31
      Dear Rain,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We apologize for the negative experience with our personnel. We hope to welcome you back to our hotel very soon!


      Your Team of the Nuerburgring Congress Hotel
  • 3/5

    overall quality have decreased since my last visits

    2020-02-10 by M.
    - wifi is of very poor quality , connection very weak which doesn't allow a professional connection. Impossible to work from the room , was obliged to connect through my phone
    - restaurant : much too long to have dinner.. more than 1.30 h to get one soup and one dish although I was having dinner alone.
    • 2020-02-12
      Dear M.,

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us your opinion about your stay. Honest feedback is very important to us, as it helps us to constantly work on guest satisfaction. We are very sorry that you have not had better experiences with us, but your criticism helps us to learn and to improve. Our goal is to leave nothing to our guests. We have forwarded your comments to the responsible departments. We would be glad if you give us the chance to win back your trust.

      Your Team
      Nürburgring Hotels & Ferienpark -managed by Lindner
  • 2/5

    Not payed out for an event

    2020-02-04 by Conny
    Very sad operation of the service. After the end of the event (2000) people there were 2 ladies at the reception desk to check in everyone coming in to check in, for a quick fresh up, Rest or dinner to head back to the event. Huge lineup from guests with a long wait. We asked about the sauna while this was the main reason we booked this Hotel to finish the stay the next day with the wellness sauna day. That's when we got told that the Wellnessbereich is closed for January. No one told me on the phone when I booked 3 weeks before our event. At the restaurant 8 a clock dinner table reservation we called for the waitress 4 times until she came 40 min later to take the order for drinks. Dinner was cold. We ate it while we were late to head back to the event. They said we would not get charged for the dinner only our wine. My friends husband was standing for another 20 minutes to tell them that the waitress took the dinner of our bill but the restaurant charged him again. Breakfast was okay but for $200 Canadian a night as a single person is way to muchz this place was not prepared for an event or a full booked place. Not enough staff. When we came after 13:00 from the event to have a drink at the bar there was no coffee or hit chocolate available because they cleaned the coffee maker. Seriously! No lemons available as well we got told to serve any mix drinks. Speechless!
    • 2020-02-06
      Liebe Conny, wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich dafür, dass Sie unser Hotel für Ihre Übernachtung am Nürburgring gewählt haben. Gleichzeitig möchten wir uns für Ihren Kommentar bedanken. Es tut uns leid, dass Sie mit dem Aufenthalt nicht zufrieden waren. Wir nehmen Ihre Anmerkungen sehr ernst und haben dies bereits im Team besprochen. Unsere Information vom Veranstalter war, dass die Gäste vom Veranstalter selber rundum versorgt werden, inklusive Abendessen. Unsere Abteilungen waren für die restlichen Gäste ausreichend mit Personal versorgt. Hätten wir gewusst, dass der Veranstalter kein Dinner/Abendessen für seine Gäste vorgesehen hat, hätten wir uns darauf eingestellt. Wir haben viele gute Erfahrungen mit weit aus größeren Veranstaltungen gemacht und diese auch zufriedenstellend gerne gemeistert. Es tut uns leid, dass Sie diese Erfahrung bei uns so gemacht haben. Wir bemühen uns sehr, die von Ihnen angesprochene Angelegenheit zu beheben. Danke, dass Sie uns informiert haben. Selbstverständlich haben wir Ihre Bewertung an unsere Kollegen weitergeleitet. Wir hoffen auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen. Schöne Grüße aus der Eifel, Ihr Team vom Nürburgring Congress Hotel - managed by Lindner
  • 5/5

    Brilliant as usual

    I stay here over 5 weeks per year and always enjoy it. The rooms are lovely and staff are excellent.

    One thing to note...on my recent trip the elevators have a race car sound on level 0 and's really not needed and I don't think it fits the level of hotel such as the Lindner NBR.
    • 2019-11-20
      Dear James, Thank you for your visit and your good rating. We will be happy to welcome you back to our house. Best regards, Your Lindner Nürburgring Congress Hotel
  • 5/5

    Very good hotel :)

    2019-11-06 by Pedro R.
    Nothing bad to say, nice rooms, nice people on the service and also nice cars on the entrance :) the hotel is located in a very nice place, close to the Nurburgring Boulevard and just a few minutes far from the entrance to the track :) I will come back :)
    • 2019-11-13
      Dear Pedro Miguel, Thank you for your visit and your good rating. We will be happy to welcome you back to our house. Best regards, Your Lindner Nürburgring Congress Hotel
  • 4/5

    2019-10-29 by Eberg
    Mini bar did not work, bar was kinda slow. I almost paid twice because they could not find the transaction or something. So I had to prove at the desk that I had paid... should be in the system.. Lady was nice.
    • 2019-11-04
      Dear Efraim, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We hope to welcome you back to our hotel very soon! Sincerely, Your Lindner Nürburgring Congress Hotel
  • 3/5

    to warm

    2019-10-22 by Erika
    The room temperature was far to high, de blower was noisy. 24.5* C is to hot for a good sleep.
    The ladies behind the counter were not very friendly.
    Parking is very expensive. And we were told that parking was 15.-- for the weekend, but we had to pay 15.-- per night.

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