Lounge Nürburgring

Davidoff Lounge

Cigars are more than tobacco leaves albeit masterfully rolled together. Cigars represent a philosophy! An unbelievable sensitivity and feel for the right tobacco mix are just as vital as the aging process. And a fine whisky is also not created overnight. It needs time until it belongs to the big ones. Thus the two, a fine whisky and a cigar, somehow belong together. And they deserve to be celebrated in an appropriate environment! And this is exactly what our elegant-casual, stylish-modern and, last but not least, absolute cosy Davidoff Lounge offers! A place where time stands still as long as you want, in contrast to the hectic and fast-paced (Nürburgring) times.

  • cosy smoking area with fireplace

Opening hours

daily 12.00 - 01.00h

Payment options
  • Diners
  • Seating for 50 persons

Not just better. Different.

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