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  • 3/5


    2018-08-18 by Mr F.
    We had a two week holiday we were two families coming to the hotel for the first time every aspect was okay acommendation Food and other facilities . Our experience though has been ruined by one senior employee head of food and beverage who hounded our families To the point of bullying an harassing us over stupid things while all the time we treated the staff with the upmost respect and tipped very well as all guests should The straw that broke the camel‘s back was my wife was giving our younger children lunch in the hotel restaurant all the staff knew who we were its a small hotel the same manager chased after my wife and children as they left lunch demanding to know whether they paid for an ice cream this is not normal behaviour from any member of staff at any hotels any level he hadn’t even checked the bill first he just assumes we hadn’t paid . But we had he didn’t say sorry or anything when we confronted him that evening. He said the they experience high levels of ice. Cream theft pathetic after all of this we decided to arrange a meeting with a hotel managers do the FnB manger in question . To give our concerns while all the time we never wanted any compensation just some respect and for this to be taken seriously as a complaint we where assured someone will come back to us with an email this never happened we just feel a bit palmed off not heard a thing I believe they swept it under the carpet and laughed at us . Well I bet they thought they would never hear from us again ✋
  • 5/5

    Never want to leave

    2018-05-22 by Barbara A. H. W.
    We've stayed at lots of really nice places in our travels and Lindner Mallorca remains our favorite. From the first time I walked in the door I was in love. The ambience was special. We were warmly welcomed by the amazing front desk team and immediately handed a glass of champagne. Wow! Always a treat and especially after a long journey from the states. Our room was lovely and perfect and everyone was so helpful, friendly and smiling. Everything was lovely. This was our first impression and we have come back many times since that first trip and each seems to get even better. Every single person on your " team" is exceptional. The housekeeping staff is fantastic. The breakfast/ buffet staff is so cheerful and welcoming. The front desk people are beyond AMAZING! My " go to" man for anything I need or want, Xisco, never fails to exceed all my expectations. He is exceptional and so talented. He can do anything.

    A great resort with something for everyone, a tremendous team of workers dedicated to making guests happy, a beautiful setting and location on a beautiful island. Never want to leave.
  • 5/5

    Relaxing, good food,good service.

    2018-04-06 by Elaine F.
    Always an enjoyable stay, the staff are very friendly, the food is excellent.
    • 2018-04-07
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for the great review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon.

      sunny greetings from Mallorca, Carolina Cordes & Team
  • 5/5

    Winter Sunshine with excellent service and accommodation, perfect

    2018-02-01 by The M. O. S.
    As always the team at Lindner Portals gave us a great holiday. The staff in all areas, restaurants, bar, housekeeping were excellent and everyone was very welcoming and charming.
    I’d especially single out Monika in the Restaurant who was service with a smile personified Thst said the rest of the staff and quality of food were excellent. The staff in Chumbas and the gentleman in the Golf bar were also first class.
    This doesn’t come about without good leadership so thanks to all for a great stay. Well done .
    The M.’s of S.
    • 2018-02-01
      Dear Family M.,

      Thank you very much for your detailed review and the positive feedback about your recent stay! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and we will share your compliments with entire team.
      We hope to see you again soon in the Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort Portals Nous,

      Sincerely, Carolina Cordes & Team
  • 5/5

    Very friendly and good value Hotel

    Excellent Hotel, friendly staff and good value
    • 2018-02-01
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for the great review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon.

      Sincerely, Carolina Cordes and the team of the Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort
  • 5/5

    Our Favorite Resort

    2018-01-05 by Hal A. B. W.
    We love Lindner Mallorca. This Nov/ Dec was our longest stay and it was perfect. The staff " team" is amazing. Everyone of them is special. - cheerful, helpful, and willing to do anything to make the guest happy, and always with a smile.  Here are some examples of why this place is our favorite spot on earth and why we keep coming back.

    We arrived late and were graciously forgiven for my mistake in forgetting the time change.

    We were greeted at the front desk by the amazing Xisco and the new intern Finn. Immediately we were handed a glass of your delicious champagne and welcomed. Finn, who speaks perfect American English helped us to our room and refreshed my memory on how to keep the heat at the lowest possible setting.  Knowing we like a cold room, we asked for a portable fan, even offering to buy one. Within minutes a knock on the door magically produced a hotel fan to keep us cool. We were very impressed. Then we noticed all the room surprises; chilled champagne, Mallorcan specialities including the " liquid gold" Mallorcan olive oil, a fancy water bottle, our room exactly as we like it not missing a thing .  A board under my bed making a very firm mattress, extra duvets, bedding exactly to our request, extra lovely towels, bathrobes and slippers. We are in heaven.

    After a wonderful night's sleep from jet lag we woke up late and went down for the excellent breakfast/ buffet.  We saw all the smiling, cheery, welcoming faces of the buffet " team" and felt like we were back home. A big hug from Manolo and he was soon counting out my seven minute eggs and making my husband his omelet - remembering our usual choices. Then champagne was brought to our table, as all know how we love your champagne and for breakfast is our guilty pleasure.  Before we came down to breakfast we tracked down Pia, our lovely and hard working, house keeping friend who keeps our room perfect and always has it all cleaned by the time we are back from breakfast. How wonderful is that!  

    An urgent email arrived from my sister in law who was frantic to get a legal document signed by my husband and sent off to the law firm, followed by a paper copy via post. Rather panicked on how to accomplish this overseas, we went to the man who can do everything- Xisco.  No problem he said and within minutes he had accomplished all the requirements and sent all off. What a relief!

    A knock on the door to repair the porch light that was burned out.  The repair man came in and changed it. Immediately remembering I have a medical condition, photophobia, and can't tolerate bright lights at night, I called the front desk and asked if they could please come and unscrew the light again.  Within minutes the poor repair man knocked on our door, came in, switched a switch , and voila - the light was magically dark again so we could sleep comfortably. This is real service.

    On Dec. 18 I stopped at the front desk to thank Xisco for something and mentioned it was our 46th wedding anniversary.  When we got back from breakfast another chilled bottle of champagne was waiting in our room with a lovely card. How special is that!

    One day on the way to breakfast I saw the beautiful, hard working,  Raquel who would be cleaning our room.  Using my iPhone translator I tried to explain that our sofa smelled terrible and I could barely breathe.  We had the cushions out on the porch. When we returned she said, yes it did smell awful and had replaced all the cushions plus making our room up perfectly.  How nice is that.  We have known Raquel for a number of years and she is absolutely terrific. One year I needed scissors badly for a broken toenail.  We are not allowed to bring scissors on the plane.  She appeared in an instant with a beautiful and perfect pair of scissors that were hers.  She gave them to us saying " I don't need, you do". This is an example of the outstanding people working at Mallorcan Lindner.

    The resort manager, Carolina Cortes, does a wonderful job. She is always available and we find her everywhere helping out.  She always looks beautiful and sends lovely notes, card and emails of appreciation.  A great manager who takes good care of both her guests and her team.

    Ivan Subias Stutz, the reservation manager has been a delight to work with.  He has been so kind and so flexible about our last minute flight changes which effect our arrival and departure dates.  So appreciated!  He has also been wonderful in providing us special extended stay bookings which we love!

    After the gorgeous poinsettias arrived for the staircase before Christmas, we wanted to take a picture of us there to send to all our friends. Alfonso, who was standing at the front desk, noticed we were having trouble and came over and offered to help.  He took such a wonderful picture and all our friends wrote back praising the beautiful staircase.

    There as many more instances of why the Lindner Mallorca is so special. These are just some of the highlights that come to mind.  All in all, this resort is run with German efficiency and Mallorcan hospitality.  A win/win operation. We never want to leave and always have a future trip or two planned to look forward to.  Well done Lindner Mallorca and all the fantastic people.

    Now the only thing that would make things even better is if Lindner Mallorca could get Rafa Nadal to show up so we could meet him!
    • 2018-01-09
      Dear Family W.,

      thank you very very much for your detailed review about your recent stay. We are realy proud to read that you enjoyed your long stay with us. I already shared your review internaly and we are looking forward to welcoming you soon again in the Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort Portals Nous.

      Sincerely, Carolina & Team
  • 5/5

    Mr G A B.

    2017-12-13 by G A. B.
    We have stayed several times at the Portals hotel and this time as in previous occasions the staff were excellent and the facilities as we expected.
    • 2017-12-24
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for the great review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon.

      Carolina Cordes & Team
  • 5/5

    Fantastic experience

    2017-12-01 by Rocio M. C.
    very nice accommodation
    very kind people giving support
    • 2017-12-02
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for the great review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again very soon.


      Miriam Schmolke
      Front Office Manager
  • 3/5

    Good Hotel if you are in the right room

    2017-11-08 by Stefan
    Good Hotel, good location for us. We unfortunately had a room in the main building, just above the bar terrace. The bar is open till 2:00 AM with a large group being very noisy we did not get much sleep with the service personal starting to prepare the terrace for breakfast at 6:00 AM again. We would not select the Hotel again if they can not guarantee us a room on the side buildings.
    • 2017-11-11
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sorry to read, that you could not enjoy your stay because of the situation of your room. For a next stay please contact our reservations department and let them know, that you prefer a room in one of the other buildings! We hope to welcome you back to our hotel very soon!

      Carolina Cordes, General Manager
  • 4/5

    Had a great time!

    Really enjoyed our stay, but food service could be better and the beds are far from comfortable. The breakfast was great and the blond manager lady was lovely. 4 beach towels as standard when you are a family of 4 would be nice. The coffee machine in the room was not nice, Dolce Gusto is far nicer.
    • 2017-11-05
      Dear Guest,

      Thank you for the good review of our hotel! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay and thank you as well for the critical points where we will try to improve to better.
      Kind regards, Carolina Cordes, General Manager

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