Renovation at the Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous

The new Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous. Fresher, more open, more exotic ♥

The Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous is taking a beauty-break from 18.11.2018 until 27.02.2019 and will be closed for renovation, redesigning and building of 10 more fantastic new rooms.

New welcome zone. Our motto is "fresher, more open, more exotic" and that's exactly how our 2019 lobby is going to be. A large Welcome Zone, where you can meet with your family, friends or colleagues in a cozy and exotic ambience for dining, wine tasting, or even coworking. At the newly furnished golf desk, you will be able to find out more about the golf courses of the island and also book your tee times and transfers right away.

Culinary delights. The former breakfast restaurant will be opened to the lobby and converted into the Vinothek "Niko's Place": A spacious bar in African Shabby Chic style, which will spoil you with fabulous drinks, local wines and a great selection of tapas.

Lounge and Playroom. The former golf bar is also open to the lobby and will serve as a lounge and playroom with comfortable sitting areas, pinball machine, Playstation and flat screen TVs for young and old. The lounge can also be booked exclusively for up to 30 people.

Arrive. Relax. Be happy. All rooms are completely renovated and redesigned with a particularly luxurious touch. In addition, they will have beautiful new bathrooms and

many, cozy new details for young and old connoisseurs. In addition, 10 new, luxurious rooms will be created. Look forward to Majorcan retreats with a wonderful touch of Africa.

Hits for Kids ♥ It’s all about fun! And to make sure, that this is not neglected our Bendi Club has many new leisure hits for kids from 4 - 12 and will be open all year after the reopening. Children's buffet is of course a matter of honor.

In addition to all the obvious innovations, you will discover new things everywhere in the house during your next holiday. And you will feel it, taste it and enjoy it for sure.

With our opening offer from 28.02. to 20.03.2019 you can simply shorten your wintertime, on perhaps the most beautiful island in the world.

Not just better. Different.

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