Your Family Holiday on Majorca

Holidaying with your parents?

Totally cool at the Lindner Golf Resort in Portals Nous. And so easy!

Park mum in the spa, drop dad off at the golf course and head off on your own holiday adventure. Our relaxed Kids & Teens chaperones go on excursions with you, do handicrafts with the younger kids, and are also definitely up for a Wii game or two. And if they are happy, aren’t you too?

Children sleep along with mum and dad - Classic Class room with sofa bed
We have appointed our Classic Class room with a sofa bed where our little VIPs up to 11 years can spread themselves out and sleep as if on cloud nine. Your own sofa bed castle – the biggest thing for the smallest kids.

Own room for teens - connecting room
Sleeping with mum and dad is not cool? Then have your own room. We have adjoining connecting rooms for you. That way you can have your own room and dream away in your own world, but your parents aren’t so far away (please reserve by telephone).

Fun and games for kids
The Bendiclub is now open all year round. Games, fun, and excursions appropriate for children are on the agenda every day. Here it never gets boring!

Lounging & chilling for big and small
Hang out with friends, play a round of billiards, or simply chill listening to your favourite music. Make yourself at home in our new lounge. Here there is enough room for everyone.

The tastiest holiday
It’s not just your parents who are spoilt gastronomically. In the holidays – spring, summer, autumn and winter – there is a tasty buffet JUST for you!

Not just better. Different.

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