Inspiration for MICE events on Mallorca

Creative ideas for your next team event

Still no idea what your event, teambuilding event or group trip should look like in 2022? We have some inspiration for you.


  • Sailing on the oldest, still active sailing boat in the Spanish fleet.
  • Why this? This boat is family owned, no party boat!
  • The family lives on the boat and invites teams as guests.
  • Drinks, BBQ, canoe, SUP, snorkel etc. on board.

Paella cooking

  • Paella cooking on a tipical finca including wine tasting
  • Why this? Fun, wine tasting and making herbal schnapps while the team chops their own ingredients for an outdoor paella.
  • Afterwards, they cook and eat together in a stunning surrounding.

Kayak & Picnic

  • Paddle to the „Sleeping Dragon“
  • Why this? A unique guided kayak tour to an uninhabited island with delicious picnic.
  • Beautiful scenery, fun and action.


  • 8 persons. 1 board.
  • Why this? Unbeatable fun and teamwork to move the huge board forward.
  • Can be combined with normal SUP kayak and picnic.


  • Visit one of the oldest groves.
  • Why this? Guided walk in an ancient olive grove in stunning mountain landscape, picnic or BBQ and tasting.
  • Tip: Combine it with a loryc cars tour.

Loryc cars

  • Island tour with handmade electric car
  • Why this? Environmentally friendly electric cars, created in over 1,200 hours of loving handiwork on Mallorca.
  • These genuine Mallorcans are really driving fun.

Tapas Tour

  • Culinary city walk in Palma.
  • Why this? Stroll through the beautiful old town of Palma and stop at various typical bars for tapas, ham & wine.


  • Visit an orange groove.
  • Why this? The orange valley is set against a dreamlike backdrop of Mallorca‘s highest mountains.
  • Visit an orange grove, taste fresh juice and indulge in culinary delights amidst the orange trees.

Brochure for download

Brochure for download


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