During those extraordinary times we would love to provide you with an enjoyable and most of all safe vacation time. Therefore we have summarized answers to the most frequent questions about
our hygiene and safety concept. Our reception team will be more than happy to help you with any further questions or concerns.


Are restaurants open?

Yes. Restaurants and bars in Mallorca are open. The two restaurants in the Lindner Golf Resort will be or are already open. The menus have been replaced by disposable place mats on which the card
is printed. Our staff wear mouth-nose protection and the tables are separated with at least 1.5 meters distance and have been disinfected.

Can I go to the beach, use the pool & wellness area and do sports?

Yes. All beaches are open, as well as golf courses and tennis courts. A minimum distance of 2 meters between strangers has to be maintained. The pools in the hotel are also open again (indoor and
outdoor), as well as the wellness area. The following restrictions apply:

  • Indoor pool: max. 8+2 persons at the same time (indoor pool + jacuzzi)
  • Gym: max. 2 persons at the same time
  • Sauna: max. 1 person at the same time or 2 persons belonging to one party. Please book your sauna time at the reception.

Is there a breakfast buffet?

Not in the usual way. Some of the dishes still are served in buffet style with self-service, warm dishes are served in buffet style with the help of our staff. All other dishes will be served at the table.

Will my room be cleaned?

Yes, every day. But our staff will only enter your room if no guest is inside. Please advise our reception if you wish to have NO service in your room. Of course, your room was disinfected before arrival.

Do I have to wear face mask in the hotel?

On the Balearic Islands, the use of mouth-nose protection is mandatory in all areas. Exceptions are: sports activities, by the beach, by the pool, within the nature outside of villages/towns, walking on ocean promenades and in restaurants (note: we can only take off your mask when sitting by the table. While walking within the restaurant, the use of mouth-nose protection is mandatory, too).

Is the Bendiclub open?

► Yes. The kids club is open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are special rules and standards.

Can I do massage and wellness treatments?

► Yes. Our spa team will be pleased to welcome you again.

How can I pay?

We have switched to cashless payment. All major credit cards are accepted.

What happens if I feel sick?

► Please inform our reception and stay in your room. We will call a doctor.

Will the entire hotel be quarantined in the event of a Corona case or suspicion?

No. Initially the guest is isolated in his room until the test results are available. In case the results are positive this guest is taken to another hotel which is specifically designated for those emergencies. The quarantine is then carried out there.

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