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Mallorca and the wine

A story with ups and downs

The wine culture on Mallorca looks back on a long history. The Romans brought the noble drop to the island in the course of the incorporation of Mallorca into the Roman Empire as early as 123 BC. At the end of the 19th century, wine growing and export boomed. However, in the years 1891-95, as in the rest of Europe, the filoxera vine blight destroyed most of the vines and farmers reoriented to the cultivation of almond trees. 
Everywhere where today almond trees bloom white and pink in February were vineyards a few hundred years ago. Of approximately 30,000 hectares of cultivated land, only 2,000 hectares remained in cultivation at the beginning of the 20th century. 
With the initial mass tourism in the 60's, the interest in viticulture died out completely. Thanks to some winemakers who preserved the old tradition, a rethink emerged in the early 1990s and today Mallorca's top wines regularly receive international awards.


Wine Tip No. 1: The Mallorca Wine Express

The largest wine-growing area in Mallorca is located inland, around Santa Maria del Cami. Here is also the wine express, our very special tip. A small train takes you through the plain, which is dotted with vines. A stop at a typical Finca, which produces olive oil and other local specialties, is just as much a part of the program as a final dessert amidst the grapes.
The wine express starts on the grounds of the Bodega Macia Batle, at the exit of Santa Maria.



Wine Tip No. 2: The Wine Festival in Binissalem

In September, the small wine village of Binissalen celebrates for almost 2 weeks the so-called "Festes de Vermer". Every day there are events around the wine: Wine treading, wine barrel rolling competition, wine tasting, concerts and outdoor dinners of the villagers. For this, of course, not only the harvesters, but also visitors are welcome.


Wine Tip No. 3: Advent at Bodega Castell Miguel in Alaro

Every year in December, Bodega Castell Miguel organizes a festive Advent market at your estate. Visitors are treated to homemade mulled wine and Mallorcan specialties. And with so many exhibitors, you are sure to find a nice Christmas gift!


Wine Tip No. 4: A walk through the vines

This beautiful walk begins in the quaint village of Sencelles and leads into rural Mallorca, always the view of the Tramuntana Mountains. Along a small road with little traffic, you reach the tiny wine village of Binigual, a settlement of neat houses, a chapel and one of the best bodegas on the island. The entire village is privately owned. Wine tasting is possible by telephone arrangement. The way back leads parallel to the way there through the wine and grain fields to Sencelles. A stop with a view can be found right at the entrance to the village in the old mill.


Would you like to learn more about Mallorca and wine, visit a winery and taste the fine wines? We will gladly tell you where to find the most beautiful wineries. Ask us!


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