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Three beautiful hiking routes

Hiking in Mallorca

The Sierra de Tramuntana stretches for 90 kilometers along the west coast. The highest peak is Puig de Major at 1,445 meters, easily recognizable by the round radar dome on top. The mountain range is well developed with hiking trails and shelters and offers impressive views of the sea on many sections. With a little luck, you will encounter the lords of the air, the black vultures, which have found one of the last retreats in Europe on the island.

Pack your backpack and hiking boots - We present 3 fantastic routes in the southwest with different levels of challenge. Hiking in Mallorca can be so beautiful when you get tips from locals and insiders.

Route 1: A challenging hike up Puig de Galatzo

With 1,027 meters of altitude and its significant pyramid shape, Puig de Galatzo is the highest mountain in the southwest of the island and the first thousand-meter peak of the Tramuntana mountains. No less than 3 routes lead to the top, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view all the way to Ibiza. Sturdy shoes and good condition are a prerequisite for the tour.

Our hike starts in Es Capdella. A large parking lot is available in the center of town and wooden signs point the way to Finca Galatzo, our entry point. Finca Galatzo itself is already worth a trip. The old estate is owned by the municipality of Calvia and is open to the public with its restored oil mill, toilets and benches. A hikers' hostel is to be built in the near future. 
A wide flat path leads to the finca, with the prominent peak of Galatzo always in view. 

Behind the estate starts the clearly marked hiking trail, which at first leads relatively flat through a narrow riverbed to the end of the basin. Here the massifs of the Galatzo and the neighboring S'Esclop rise up and give an idea of the exertions of the upcoming climb.
A small path winds through man-high reeds along the clearing between the two massifs. In the lower part, it is a good idea to replenish your water reserves at a spring. On the trail, which offers little shade, the path climbs steeply until it reaches a saddle that leads to Puig de Galatzo on the right and to Puig de S'Esclop and Estellencs on the left. We follow the path to the right and are soon rewarded with a fantastic view of the west coast. The small town of Estellencs lies like a swallow's nest below us and the rocky ascent to the summit begins. Surefootedness and concentration are required here, after all, the summit cross is still 40 minutes away. Divide your strength well!

At the top you will be more than rewarded for your efforts: the view sweeps over Ibiza to Alcudia and the mountains of the northeast coast, the Puig Major seems close enough to touch. The top of the mountain is flat enough to find a comfortable picnic spot. 
The way back is along the same route.
Plan on 5 hours of walking, plus breaks for this hiking tour.
A tip for stopping after the hike: The restaurant "Bar Nou" in Es Capella serves probably the largest sole on the island, in addition to local home cooking.

Route 2: A medium difficulty hike from Puerto de Andratx to Sant Elm

On this tour, the hiker can expect spectacular views of the sea, lots of mountain goats and a cool swim on the sandy beach. 
The way back is by public transport.
The magnificent hike starts in the fashionable marina of Puerto de Andratx, where you park your car at the Hotel Mon Port (follow the signs).

A wide, yellow-colored path points to the mountains. We follow the asphalt road, which winds upwards in serpentines and again and again gives us a view towards the Tramuntana and the harbor. At the end of the road begins the actual hiking trail, which is stony, but well passable. We keep to the right and the radio tower in the distance is our stage destination. On a clear day, Ibiza is clearly visible. Our tour is always uphill, at another intersection that opens 2 ways to the right, we keep left. Soon we reach another steep, washed out climb that takes us almost to the radio tower. To the right below us we see the village of S`Arraco and in front of us the island of Dragonera. Leaving behind the impressive view of Puerto de Andratx, we follow the stone pyramids that lead to the pass on the right (just after the radio tower) - a short impassable passage. Now Sant Elm lies before us in all its glory and we set off on the descent.

The initially narrow path leads to a wide trail that we follow downhill to the left, always keeping to the right at wide crossroads. Climbing over a chain that spans the path, we pass a summer house and follow the stone pyramids down to the bay of Sant Elm.
Sant Elm is a small, very charming village with a beautiful sandy beach, numerous restaurants and a ferry that connects the village with the opposite island of Dragonera. Dragonera is an uninhabited nature reserve that also offers interesting hiking trails.
Take a swim on the beach and fortify yourself in the excellent restaurants right by the sea. 

The regular bus back to Puerto de Andratx via Andratx (change buses) leaves right at the beginning of the small promenade.
Alternatively, you can walk the route back.
Plan a good two and a half hours for this moderately difficult hike, breaks excluded.

Route 3: An easy hike from S`Arraco to Sant Elm

The charming village of Sant Elm at the beginning of the Tramuntana is always worth a trip and can also be reached via an easy hiking trail. 
The path is mostly shaded, wide and very walkable. The tour back is via the same route, alternatively by public bus. Take bathing suits with you in the warm season - the sandy beach is a dream!

The hike starts at the cemetery of S`Arraco, about 3 km outside the town in the direction of Sant Elm. Parking is available and there is a bus stop (for the way back).
A small trail lets the hiker go around the bend in the road and leads to a graveled square, at the end of which the wide forest path and entrance is clearly visible, which leads directly to Sant Elm. At the beginning there are beautiful views of the bay, and later of the immense rock massifs at whose feet one finds oneself. At the only clearly marked crossroads, a path on the right leads to Sa Trapa, a former monastery directly above the sea, which can be reached by a steep climb. Keeping to the left, we soon come to another fork where our path clearly leads to the left and we soon reach Sant Elm at the back entrance to the village. Here you will find the diving school, some bathing bays and a restaurant. The road leads left into the village, where you will find more restaurants, small stores and the bus stop (at the end of the promenade).

Plan on about 1 hour of comfortable walking for the distance. 

Our tip: Are you not tired yet and want to continue walking in the region around Sant Elm? Then make a detour to the Torre de Cala En Basset. A wooden sign on the way there points to the turnoff to the pirate tower, which is located on a spectacular rocky peak. The view to the island of Dragonera and the open sea is breathtaking. The small detour of about 1 hour is worth it and is classified as easy to moderate.

Hiking in Mallorca is a dream and besides the southwest, especially the west coast wants to be discovered. Demanding tours lead to the peaks of the Tramuntana, connect famous places like Valldemossa, Deia and Soller and offer breathtaking views of the sea. 
The best months for hiking vacations in Mallorca are from October to May, when the weather is mild and nature is lush green.
We are happy to personally introduce you to other interesting hikes and tours in Mallorca. Ask at our reception!

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