Detox Cure in Mallorca

The local way to detox - 5 tips for a Mallorquin style cure

Healing mud, lemons & sea salt - Here you will find the most beautiful places to detoxify your body in a completely relaxed way.

Detoxification, purifying the body, detox treatments and fasting - it sounds like a strict diet and a cure with little fun. But it doesn't have to be, because the Mediterranean regions in particular offer practically everything that is good for the intestines, kidneys, liver & co. in normal everyday life. It is therefore all the less surprising that Mallorca is a popular destination for detox cures.

Because on Mallorca everything plays a part: delicious Mediterranean food for detoxing, sun for the skin, light for the soul, fresh air, pleasant temperatures and fresh food whose journey from the field to the plate is only a few kilometres. On Mallorca, detox really means detox for body, mind and soul! Here, it's a pleasure to pamper the body, get rid of waste products and return home healthy.

Treasure room Mallorca
With 300 days of sunshine a year, mild temperatures and beautiful nature, Mallorca is the ideal destination to recharge your batteries. Mallorca is a treasure trove of natural detox weapons. There is almost nothing that nature doesn't provide and the Mediterranean cuisine is naturally rich in vegetables and herbs - pure detox, but with pleasure! Discover Mallorca's detox secrets on a walk in nature and in everyday life. We reveal where you can easily find the natural detox weapons on Mallorca (and take them home with you).

Our top 5 local detox weapons worth a day trip:

1. Lemons

A visit to the Orange Valley

Detoxing in the morning with warm lemon water is one of the easiest tips to noticeably improve one's health. Vitamin C fruits are healthy and alkalising, so they counteract acidification of the body and should be an integral part of any detox. You can find lemons in abundance everywhere on Mallorca, and they are close enough to touch on an informative tour of the Ecovinyassa eco-finca in Soller, in the middle of the orange valley. The orange valley stretches from Soller via Biniaraix to Fornalutx. Fornalutx, by the way, is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and a short walk along the old watercourse, amidst orange and olive groves, is doable at any age. Citrus trees blossom and bear fruit all year round. The vitamin C bombs are especially delicious in summer, when you can simply drink the sweet fruits diluted with water. The season for eating oranges is from November to February; in summer, the fruits are preferably used for juicing.

How do you get there?

It's easy to get to Soller by rental car through the tunnel (which has been free of charge since the beginning of 2018). A nicer way to get there is to take the Soller train, an old Siemens railway that connects the provincial capital with the mountain village. On its way towards the Tramuntana Mountains, the train stops in Bunyola before passing through several tunnels and finally descending in serpentines to the quaint station in Soller. The section from Bunyola to Soller is particularly scenic. Simply park your rental car at the station in Bunyola and board the train there, which will take you to the Orange Valley in about 40 minutes.

What to see?

The Ecovinyassa eco-finca is located on the outskirts of Soller in the direction of Fornalutx, the route is signposted from Soller. From November to February, you can learn all about the different citrus fruits, how they detoxify, what they do for the body and, above all, how delicious they are. No poison is sprayed on the little fruits, so the obligatory freshly squeezed orange juice in Soller is even healthier, a dream for the gut and especially for the palate! Saturdays are market day in Soller. Stock up on fresh food!

Detoxify the body with exercise

A hike from the Ecovinyassa via Biniaraix to Fornalutx not only offers spectacular views of Mallorca's highest mountain, the Puig Mallorca, but also brings you very close to nature and, by the way, exercise supports detoxification. You walk on comfortable paths through orange and olive groves. At the end of your tour, reward yourself with a real Pan Amb Oli, a Mallorcan bread with tomatoes, olive oil, cheese and optionally ham, in the market square of Fornalutx. Nothing to purge, but delicious! The port of Soller, Puerto de Soller, can be reached by a small tram. The ride is fun and takes you to the crystal clear water with numerous, excellent restaurants along the marina. Excursion boats leave here for the spectacular bay of Sa Calobra - always worth a swim stop!

Our insider tip: H: Have fresh oranges, lemons and other groceries sent home fresh from Mallorca. The German company Fet a Soller conveniently supplies Mallorca fans - even the delicious, natural ice cream comes fresh to Central Europe. A detox cure that reminds you of your last holiday! Online orders via

2. Healing mud

Bathing at the Pirate Bay near San Telmo

Healing clays and healing mud have a wide range of effects, among other things they have a strong detoxifying effect and help the body to eliminate toxins. They are an important part of any detoxification. However, what is done indoors as part of a detoxification cure in northern latitudes can be experienced quite simply in the great outdoors on Mallorca: a detoxification cure on the beach. On the island, you'll find several hidden coves where you can perform your own mud ritual, whether you want to care for your skin, detoxify your body or simply try something new. Not only does the mud help with detoxification and purification, but it also makes the skin soft to the touch and fun is guaranteed.

Our insider tip for your own mud cure

Near San Telmo, in the far southwest of the island, is the small pirate cove Cala En Basset, which can only be reached on foot. Those who know the cove come to smear themselves with the healing mud, let it dry and rinse off in the crystal-clear water. The bay is a real insider tip and not overcrowded. A hiking trail leads through a shady forest, starting at the dive centre in San Telmo. Wooden signs point the way to the "Torre", at whose feet the bay lies. The descent into the stony bay is somewhat demanding, but quite doable for everyone. Once you reach the rocky beach, mix some sea water with the soil of the rocks and apply the mud to your body. Once the mud has dried, simply step into the crystal-clear water, rinse off the remains and let it dry in the warm sun. Purification can be so beautiful!

3. Sea Salt

A day trip to the south of the island

For thousands of years, baths have served people not only to cleanse their bodies, but also to stimulate the liver, intestines, kidneys & co. to eliminate harmful toxins. Salt plays an important role because it increases the metabolic processes in the body and thus helps to purify and detoxify the body. Sea salt is practically everywhere on Mallorca. A bath in the sea alone is detox for body and soul. If you want to combine a relaxing day at the beach with something worth seeing, visit the salt works in Ses Salines, in the south of Mallorca. The Salines de Llevant are considered the oldest salt works on the island and have been producing salt since the 4th century BC. In spring, seawater is poured into the basin where the process of evaporation begins. From August onwards, the salt is harvested and sold washed and ground or pressed. The high-quality salt is too good for detoxification in bath water. It refines upscale cuisine and goes well with rustic dishes when mixed with herbs.

What can you do in the south of Mallorca? The large salt mountains of the salt flats can be seen from far away. They are a photo motif and nature reserve at the same time. In February and March, it is not uncommon to see flamingos strutting through the shallow waters of the salt flats, elegantly sticking their necks into the water. Don't forget your swimsuit! In the south is Mallorca's most beautiful beach, Es Trenc. The fine sandy beach with dunes and little development is reminiscent of Caribbean islands with its turquoise water and stands up to comparison! A bath in the sea water does your skin good and is probably the most beautiful detoxification cure in the world! An excursion to the offshore island group of Cabrera is also worthwhile. The boats leave Colonia Sant Jordi several times a day and head for the so-called "Blue Grotto" on the way back, a cave with deep blue water that invites you to jump into the unknown. On Cabrera itself you will find a beautiful sandy beach, a small harbour with a bar and a former fortress with a museum.

4. Fresh vegetables

A stroll through the farmers markets

Mediterranean cuisine is rich in vegetables and healthy eating is not a burden on Mallorca, but a real pleasure. Long before trends like purification and detoxification appeared in Central Europe, it was natural for Mallorcans to give their bodies only the best. Not because they wanted to detoxify it or flush out waste products, but simply out of pure enjoyment of fresh food. A detox cure on a high culinary level!

Tumbet-Vegetarian local specialty

Probably the best-known local veggie speciality is called tumbet and is a kind of vegetable casserole. It contains fresh tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, potatoes, garlic and herbs, which detoxify the body. On Mallorca, it is still traditional to buy fresh vegetables in season at the weekly markets. And so a tumbet tastes particularly good in early summer, when the tomatoes are really ripe and the herbs are especially tasty.

Farmers markets - the source of healthy food

Visit the weekly markets in the vicinity of the hotel, on Tuesdays in Calvia and on Wednesdays in Andratx. The stalls usually open around 9am and are dismantled from 1pm. In addition to pots, shoes and underwear, you can find everything you need to purify yourself at the weekly markets: the best fresh fruit and vegetables of the season.

Tired and hungry from market day? Most of the restaurants around the marketplaces offer a cheap and good lunch menu with a view of the colourful hustle and bustle. The Sunday market in Santanyi is also worth a trip, as it combines culinary delights, arts and crafts. In the small town in the southeast of the island, colourful stalls line up around the old church on Wednesdays and Sundays, numerous studios are open in the alleys and the townscape alone with its typical sandstone façades is worth a visit.

5. Poc a poc

"Poc a poc" (step by step) is a philosophy of life on Mallorca and, figuratively speaking, an important part of any detox cure. Everything Mallorcans do, they do consciously and with pleasure. Consciously take time for a good meal, pay attention to your diet, chew slowly, taste the fresh ingredients and detoxify your body along the way. Because detoxing on Mallorca does not mean fasting and deprivation, but feeling good and living consciously. Another attitude to life of the islanders that supports natural detoxification: Relax in nature and avoid stress as often as possible. Poc a poc to a healthy body!

Do you feel like detoxifying your kidneys, intestines, liver & co. on Mallorca, getting rid of waste products and doing something good for your health? We support you with our Detox Package: In 7 days you detoxify your body in the most beautiful surroundings, our wellness experts reduce waste products with special treatments and our green dinner in the evening puts the crown on your health. And all this without any dreary fasting! This is how delicious and eventful your detox is on Mallorca!

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