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Pirates Adventure

Pirates Adventure is an unconventional, themed dinner show suitable for all ages. It combines a gourmet dinner with amazing acrobatics and breathtaking dance interludes, all fuelled by high-energy music. The show captures your imagination and takes you back to the days when pirates ruled the seven seas.

Festival de Música Clásica

The "Festival de música clásica Port de Sóller" is an annual event held on four Saturdays in the autumn. For classical music fans, this is one event on Mallorca that nobody wants to miss. As both performer and artistic director, the pianist Alexander Malter emphasises the pedigree of this concert series.

Diada de Mallorca

The 12th of September is a holiday on Mallorca. On the one hand, it marks the date of the victory over the Moors in the Battle of Porto Pi in 1276, which launched the conquest of the island. The other event to celebrate is that this marks the day in 1276 when King Jaume II granted special rights to Mallorca as an independent kingdom. To celebrate the Diada de Mallorca holiday, local houses are decorated with flags in the island's colours. Various ceremonies, parades and sporting or musical events take place. One spectacular event is the parade of the giants in Palma, where huge figures from different towns across the island make their way to the island's council building.

Smooth Jazz Festival

This festival is the biggest soul, funk and jazz party held on Mallorca, indeed it is the only smooth jazz festival held in the European Mediterranean region. It is held annually in May in Sa Coma on the east coast of the island.

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