Summer activities Interlaken

Summer activities with our partners Outdoor Interlaken, Basecamp and Jungfrau Tours


Climbing is the epitome of partnership and mutual trust, and the support of your climbing team will help you get to the top. The programme is led by experienced climbing instructors and mountain guides. The routes are chosen according to your fitness level so that all participants achieve that feeling of success. Held throughout the whole of Switzerland, in the case of bad weather it can also be held indoors.

Price per person: from CHF 125.00

Adventure Park Interlaken

At the Adventure Park Interlaken, 9 parcours with different levels of difficulty and more than 120 varied tasks await you. From a safe beginners’ parcours close to the ground, to tricky manoeuvres at a height of 20 metres, there is something for everyone, whether young adventurers, adrenaline junkies from across the world or the whole family. Be brave and test yourself to the limit! There is also a parcours for children.

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush high up in the treetops of the Vertical Rush. 20 metres above the ground, 4 challenging stations are waiting to test you. With the Giant Swing, Base Jump Simulator, Speed Line and Highline you can really push yourself to the limit. The heady mix of height, skill, speed and free fall make the Vertical Rush a unique experience with a special kick.

Duration: around two hours

Price per person: from CHF 35.00

Mountain bike tours

Discover hidden trails with experienced mountain bike guides. The tours are planned according to your fitness level and time budget.

E-bikes can also be used. With the help of the electric motor, even steep climbs become child’s play. Just try it!


Price per person: from CHF 85.00

Beach party

With this offer you have the choice: Sit back and relax or get actively involved. The stylishly designed environment is the focus here. This is where adventures such as wakeboarding, beach volleyball, slacklining, stand-up paddling, etc. all begin. If you want to join in then simply give yourself a bit of time out on the banks of the lake... You can define your activities together with our partners. We recommend a barbecue to round off the experience.

Price per person: from CHF 150.00
Barbecue: from CHF 85.00 per person

Summer Team Challenge

This offer used to be known as the Alpine Olympics, but this term can no longer be used. So, we’ve renamed it the Summer Team Challenge, however the fun is just as intense. The teams will compete to be the winners of activities such as the traditional Swiss sport of hornussen, crossbow shooting, cutting wood, seesawing and quoits. It takes around two hours and can be held anywhere.

Group size 20 to 100 persons
Price: from CHF 85.00 per person


In this festival, which includes playful activities such as stone throwing, cowbell racing, alpine horn blowing and crossbow shooting, elements of Swiss tradition are on display for visitors. The Unspunnenfest is fun and the “contestants” battle it out for supremacy. In contrast to the Summer Team Challenge, the activities are scored individually. There are a great many different challenges that can be attempted according to your taste.

The contestants receive a score card on which they record their individual results. The festival is a riot of decorations washed down with fine young wine and fresh apples...

Group size 20 to 400 persons
Price: from CHF 125.00 per person

Raft building

This product encapsulates our philosophy completely. Teamwork is essential in raft building. All the ideas of the team members must be taken into account for successful implementation. The final result is a platform with a lot of symbolic character...Raft building takes place on rivers and lakes throughout Switzerland.

We recommend a time budget of three hours. A barbecue rounds off this offer perfectly

Price per person: from CHF 140.00
Barbecue: from CHF 85.00 per person

GPS Challenge

Items are hidden in the forest, in the mountains or in the city, which you have to find using GPS devices. The teams have to solve tasks before they can move on to the next item. The GPS Challenge lasts between three and four hours and can be planned and carried out at the locations of your choice.

Groups of 10 or more: from CHF 150.00 per person


The global marketplace is the inspiration for this offer. Your guests create a marketplace with different specialities and delicacies. The market stalls have to be built by hand and some of the participants entertain the rest with juggling and magic that they have been taught beforehand.

The marketplace activity can be carried out at the location of your choice.
Duration: at least five hours

Price per person: from CHF 200.00


Abseil, slide and jump from waterfalls and cliffs into crystal clear water and discover the nerve-tingling thrill of canyoning. From simple family-oriented tours to more challenging tours with greater intensity, Outdoor Interlaken Canyoning has something to suit every taste.

Our well-trained and qualified guides offer the perfect balance between fun and safety for those who want to discover spectacular and normally inaccessible environments and experience the spine-tingling thrill of canyoning for themselves.

Price per person: from CHF 106.00


Located below the meltwaters of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, Interlaken is internationally famous for its numerous rivers and white water rafting tours.

The impressive mountain peaks of the Jungfrau region, including the dramatic north wall of the Eiger, form the backdrop for our uniquely spectacular rafting tours and guarantee an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Price per person: from CHF 106.00

Canyon Swing

With a climbing harness around hips and chest and firmly attached to an 85-metre long rope, you will experience the cliff face of the gorge from a very different perspective when you free fall 50 metres into the chasm and then through the narrow glacier ravine at up to 120 km/h.

Price per person: from CHF 129.00

Quad biking

Experience a unique tour through the Bernese Oberland on a quad bike. Massive fun guaranteed. The tours can be held both in summer and winter.

Price per person: from CHF 165.00

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