Leisure time at the Ring

Leisure time at the Ring


The interactive motorsports museum at Nürburgring

At the ring°werk, you can experience a motorsport adventure for all the family. In numerous simulators and attractions everyone quickly feels like a real racing driver, regardless of whether they are young or old, a family or a group. Historic championship racing cars from the history of Nürburgring, a spectacular 4D cinema, a look behind the scenes at Formula 1, a technical laboratory with a wind tunnel and much, much more ...

Opening times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

Backstage tour

Take a look behind the scenes and become a Ring insider!

Close encounters with 90 years of motorsport history. What really happens in the pit lane? Where do up to 500 journalists work during the 24h Race? What happens in the drivers’ paddock? In a backstage tour lasting around 1.5 hours, Nürburgring visitors become Ring insiders.

Opening times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.


Find your personal ideal line!

Optimum route guidance, maximum grip and top speed – racing action with goosebumps and no exhaust fumes! Follow the tracks of the greatest racing drivers with the RIMO SiNUS electric go-kart fleet at the ring°kartbahn.

You will find opening times, prices and further information at www.nuerburgring.de.

Nürburgring – taster grandstand

A view that pays off!

If you come to Nürburgring when there aren't any events taking place, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an undisturbed view of the venerable racing track. The Nürburgring "taster grandstand" (T3 – main grandstand/BMW M Power stand) at the start and home straights directly opposite the pit lane is open to visitors during the info°center's opening hours when there are no events being held.

Opening times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.


Curtain up at Nürburgring!

"Film now" is the daily chant at the ring°kino. Whether romantic love stories for lovers, clever comedies for the family or nail-biting thrills for fans of action movies – the ring°kino programme has got something to suit every taste.

  • One of the largest 3D cinema screens in the region
  • Very comfortable seats
  • Extra generous leg-room

Film times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

RaceRoom Café

Experience virtual motorsport action at the RaceRoom Café at Nürburgring!

Experience first-hand the fascination of racing in a new and unique concept! State-of-the-art simulation technology means players can go head to head in races and carry out daring overtaking manoeuvres in virtual races against each other.

Measure yourself in local, national and international competitions in games against other RaceRoom visitors. Improve your personal best time and test yourself against your friends or colleagues on world-famous racing tracks such as Nürburgring. The high scores can then be accessed online, sorted according to vehicle category, racing track and championship.

Opening times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

NLS experience days

The NLS racing series with a broad spectrum of touring cars takes place exclusively at Nürburgring. With around 200 starting vehicles per race, it lasts between four and six hours and covers Grand Prix stretches and the Nordschleife. The colourful mix of different makes and horsepower from Mercedes to Mini, as well as the first-hand motorsport experience in the drivers’ paddock, on the grandstands and around the Nordschleife make the racing experience unique.
The backstage tour will turn you into a Nürburgring insider and give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in motor racing. Knowledgeable guides accompany you through the historic drivers’ pit, the media centre, and the winners’ podium, and tell you all you need to know about the history and the present day action at Nürburgring.

All information and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

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