Driving experiences Nürburgring

This is where the myth comes alive

Experience the Nordschleife or the Grand Prix stretch of the legendary Nürburgring up close. Get behind the wheel yourself or experience the Ring as a passenger. The Nürburgring Driving Academy gives you the opportunity to dive into the world of motorsport – whether as a hobby driver, amateur or professional. Put your foot down and conquer one of the most challenging and best known racing tracks in the world during a co-pilot drive or in formula training.

Tourist drives

20.832 km of legendary asphalt is waiting for YOU!

Get to know the Nordschleife with your own car or motorbike – this is open to everyone here at Nürburgring. On certain days the racetrack is open for tourist drives and invites fans of this legendary track to participate in this unique experience. For all those who have ever wanted to feel like Vettel & co., the tourist drives on the modern, approx. five-kilometre-long Grand Prix stretch is just the ticket.

Opening times and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

Co-pilot drives

The fastest taxi ride of your life!

Get to know the most breath-taking racing track in the world - the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife - as a co-pilot for a professional racing driver. Just lean back and enjoy the pure adrenaline rush. Pressed into your seat by more than 585 horsepower, all you have to do is hold tight and marvel. Experience possibly the most hair-raising circuit of your life and find out just what it means to hare along the track in true racing driver mode.

Dates and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

Formula training

Experience what “grip” really means!

Fulfil your dream: to actually sit behind the wheel of a real formula racing car and conquer Nürburgring. Vividly experience the Formula 1 racing track in a race-prepped formula racing car. From a formula racing starter course to professional training in a hi-tech formula racing car – the formula driving experience at the Nürburgring Driving Academy is guaranteed to provide you with driving fun and huge adrenaline kicks.

Dates and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

Sports driver training

Drive like the professionals!

Improve your driving technique on the most difficult racing track in the world. Every driver respects Nürburgring. Under the guidance of professional instructors from the Driving Academy, you will not only get to know the legendary Nordschleife but you will also find out how to conquer it. Whether a beginner or a professional, no-one draws the short straw here where driving technique and driving safety are concerned. This training is aimed at all ambitious beginners as well as experienced sports drivers.

All information and prices at www.nuerburgring.de.

Off-road experience

Get out of your rut. Get some adventure!

This is where you need courage and skill. Experience action-packed tours with a quad or SUV on the off-road courses at Nürburgring. Away from the asphalt, experience the extensive terrain of the off-road park at Nürburgring, which has been designed to the most exacting of standards. Feel like a contestant in an off-road competition and discover in the different driving exercises that there are no obstacles – just challenges!

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Driver safety training

Learn through experience – Welcome to the Driver Safety Training Centre Nürburgring

The Driver Safety Training Centre combines the joy of driving with appropriate driver safety training. Whether you are planning an event with your company, a driver safety training course for your employees or a presentation for your customers: we can combine all the services at Nürburgring to make an event that is completely tailored to your wishes. Check out what we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you here at Nürburgring!

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Drift training

Do you believe you can control your vehicle at the very limit?

At the end of a day with us you will be able to turn 360 degree doughnuts, fly past the pylons in a drift manoeuvre and watch your tyres go up in smoke. CATERHAM Drift Training is pure entertainment and will give you an unforgettable driving experience that you never thought possible. Are you ready to destroy a couple of tyres?

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