Discover the Eifel

Discover the Eifel


A plethora of hiking routes take you through gentle valleys and to the tops of the mountains. Enjoy the very heart of nature! Whether on the main hiking routes of the Eifelverein, the regional recommended routes through the further surroundings or on locally signposted paths, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

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Mountain biking & cycling

The Hocheifel is an absolute paradise for sporty and ambitious cyclists, since the constant change between challenging ascents and hair-raising descents as well as the variety in the different stretches of the route can seriously be termed breathtaking in every sense of the word.

The Vulkan-Rad-Route Eifel (67 km) starts at Dümpelfeld and takes you through the 1,000-year old town of Adenau up to Nürburgring.

Castles and fortresses

Rhineland-Palatinate has a phenomenal selection of castles and fortresses in the valleys of the Middle Rhine (World Heritage Site) and the Mosel, which are often in extremely picturesque locations. One of the best known castles is Burg Eltz.

The route takes you through the hilly landscape of the Eifel to some beautifully maintained castles. Here are a selection of the fortresses and castles in the Eifel:

  • Burg Are
  • Burg Eltz
  • Bertradaburg
  • Genovevaburg
  • Burg Kreuzberg
  • Burg Lissingen
  • Burg Olbrück
  • Burg Pyrmont
  • Burg Rittersdorf
  • Nürburg
  • Ordensburg Vogelsang
  • Schloss Bürresheim
  • Schloss Hamm
  • Schloss Malberg


Trace volcanic activity in the Vulkaneifel or visit the castles and fortresses in the region and be transported back to the past. In the summer, the deep blue maar lakes invite you to take a dip and in the winter the Hohe Acht beckons for tobogganing.

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