Hotels at Nürburgring

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Lindner Nürburgring Hotels & Ferienpark

Nürburgring is a business & leisure centre set in a fantastic location and is open all year round. Right at the centre, and close to everything, are the Lindner Nürburgring Hotels & Ferienpark. This is where dreams of adventure come true, holiday wishes materialise and business successes are celebrated. A fascinating thrill for young and old with three sophisticated destinations for every taste and requirement. “Racing – Business – Adventure – Holiday” all under one roof – a range of offers to cover every possible desire!

Nürburgring – the place for motorsports, events, entertainment, holidays & business

Two racing tracks, a modern events arena, an interactive motorsports museum, two road safety centres, one go-kart track, an off-road area, Nürburgring gastronomy, as well as the Lindner Nürburgring Hotels & Ferienpark. Thanks to this unique combination of attractions and locations, Nürburgring is the ideal place for impressive and unforgettable experiences and events.

Not just better. Different.

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