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Awards of Lindner Hotels & Resorts

Whether for the hotel property of the year, the hotelier of the year, for innovative hotel concepts or the satisfaction of guests and employees, Lindner Hotels AG has already won numerous awards.


Human Resource Awards
Hotels with Greensign certificate
Superbrands Awards

"Sustainability" is a top priority at Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels, which is why all 33 hotels are certified with the Greensign/ Level 4 sustainability seal. We are constantly developing projects to maximize energy efficiency in order to improve our ecological and social responsibility.


"Award for outstanding brand management" Lindner Hotels and me and all hotels are proud of another award: the corporate brands have been officially honored among 44 German Superbrands chosen by a jury consisting of personalities from business, politics, media and universities.



The Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee has been awarded for the "Best Golf Hotel in Germany" at the Golf Awards for the second year in a row. At the Golf Journal Travel Awards 2019, Lindner won the second place twice, in the category "Resorts & Hotels international" for the Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous on Mallorca and in "Resorts & Hotels Germany" for the Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee.


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