Discover nature on the most beautiful paths in Germany

Hiking is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, Austria and Spain. Whether a holiday as a single person, with a dog or in a group. Hiking is good for body and soul. In addition to many international hiking trails, Germany also has countless wonderful and above all hiking trails to offer. Hike through the beautiful natural landscapes in Germany and discover new impressive places. Now you can not only travel through the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany, but also look beyond the borders to Austria, Interlaken and Mallorca.

Whether you are a beginner or a hiking professional. Whether with a child, dog or travelling alone. Whether through the Alps in the south of Germany or in the mountains on Mallorca. Whether trekking or Nordic Walking. Whether short or long hiking trips. The main thing is to get out and strengthen the immune system. So: Lace up your shoes, put on your all-weather jacket and get out into the fresh air. 

Look for your perfect hiking hotels now at Lindner Hotels & Resorts in Germany and Co. and find the best place to relax between exciting hiking days!

Bavaria and its impressive mountains in Allgäu and the Alps

Anyone thinking of a trip to Bavaria usually only has beer and veal sausage in mind. But Bavaria has so much more to offer, especially the Alps and the beautiful Allgäu. The largest federal state in Germany is THE hiking paradise and has over 750 km of hiking trails right through the heart of the beautiful Allgäu and the Alps. Not far from Lake Constance, near Austria, the Allgäu extends and invites you to perfect hiking tours. Experience the beautiful nature with all your senses and enjoy your trip to the Allgäu.

In the Allgäu Alps there are many different hiking trails. Thus, Bavaria's Allgäu is suitable for hiking experts as well as beginners who want to try out new activities. Because of the direct proximity to Austria, the Austrian Alps also offer an ideal hiking destination. For all those who need a little help with their first hiking holiday, we have prepared a checklist with everything you need for your first hiking trip.

Bavaria has beautiful hiking trails to offer in every season. Stomp through the most beautiful snowy landscapes during your winter hike or pay a visit to the farmers on the alpine pastures in summer. Even if you are travelling with your dog in the Allgäu, there are many hiking trails that are ideal for travelling with your dog.

If you want to spend your holiday in Bavaria with your children, the Allgäu also has great hiking trails to offer. For example, the Carl-Hirnbeinweg has many play areas along the edge of the hiking trails. This guarantees fun for your children during your hiking trips.

A very popular part of the Allgäu is the Nagelfluhkette. It extends from the Mittagberg to Austria. Especially for experienced hikers the nature park offers great hiking trails with impressive views.  You should definitely stop by here during your short holiday in the Alps. Did you know that from our Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen you have a perfect view of the Nagelfluh chain and the beautiful Allgäu?

Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen

If you want to rest your legs tired from hiking, our Lindner Parkhotel & Spa will certainly have the right offer for you. Relax in one of our 74 cosy rooms during your hiking tour or let a strenuous hiking day come to a relaxing end in our Spa & Wellness area. The perfect combination of wellness & hiking in close proximity to the beautiful Allgäu.

Start the next day of your holiday after a refreshment at our rich typical Bavarian breakfast buffet and enjoy already in the morning a breathtaking view over the Alps. For further tips, please ask our staff on site, they will be happy to help you!

Book your next hiking holiday at the Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen now and experience Bavaria in a different way!

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North Rhine-Westphalia & Rhineland-Palatinate: United by the Eifel

At first glance, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate do not have very much in common. But true hiking fans know that both states in the west of Germany are united by the Eifel. The German part of the Eifel stretches from Aachen in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia to Trier in the south-west of Rhineland-Palatinate. When visiting Trier, you should definitely make a detour to the Moselle, because there are many wonderful hiking trails there too. 

The Eifel is close and flexible. This is particularly noticeable in the different distances of the hiking trails. So everybody can decide for himself whether the hiking holiday, a short holiday or a hiking trip of several days. Due to the different distances, trips for hiking in the Eifel are suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers.

 No matter if spring, summer, autumn or winter the Eifel offers beautiful hikes with impressive views in every season. The Eifel is also ideal for trekking trips. In the Eifel every hiking enthusiast gets his money's worth and the holiday becomes a real highlight.

If you go on a hiking tour through the Eifel, you should definitely plan a little more time and hike to the Maars in the middle of the volcanic Eifel. These are considered to be the absolute landmark of the Volcanic Eifel, as they have volcanic origins. Therefore this natural spectacle in the Nature and Geopark offers a real highlight during your trip, both for families and for those travelling alone. 

Lindner Hotels at the Nürburgring

To ensure the perfect start to your holiday, there is more than just a hotel available in the Rhineland. No, we offer you three different types of accommodation from which you can start your hiking tour in a relaxed manner. Our hotels at the Nürburgring are only a stone's throw away from the impressive volcanic Eifel. 

For couples and singles, our Lindner Congress Hotel and our Motorsport Hotel at the Nürburgring are the perfect place to start your hiking holiday with a healthy start. Spend the night in one of the 60 theme rooms with motorsport details or enjoy a relaxing evening in the Nuvolari Restaurant at the Lindner Congress Hotel.

If you want to travel with child and dog or as a group, you can book one of our holiday homes of the holiday park at the Nürburgring. Here you will have enough space for you and your family to review an exciting hiking day and to end the evening in peace.

Our hotels at the Nürburgring are the ideal hiking hotels in the Eifel and look forward to welcoming you to your next hiking holiday. Book online here now!

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So versatile is the Spreewald

Who does not know the most famous gherkin in Germany, the Spreewald gherkin. But apart from the gherkins, the Spreewald has much more to offer. The beautiful nature area in the south-east of Brandenburg could already be called the landmark of the federal state. From long walks through the forest to exciting boat trips on the Spree, the Spreewald has a lot in store for your holiday. 

Most of the hiking trails in the Spreewald are between 5 and 30 km long and are therefore ideal for day hikes. On the way you pass historical Spreewald villages and walk through the beautiful deciduous forests. If you have your children with you, it will certainly be great fun for them to romp through the rustling leaves. The deciduous forests should also be a pure paradise for your dog. 

For all those who prefer to move on the water, there are guided boat trips and canoe trips where you decide where to go. For example, paddle through the UNESCO biosphere reserve and discover the Spreewald from its most beautiful side. Cyclists also get their money's worth in the Spreewald. The different distances of the cycle paths are also suitable as a day tour or for hiking tours lasting several days. 

The Spreewald is beautiful and versatile. And fortunately for you, we have the perfect hotel for your next trip in Cottbus, just a short distance away!

The adventure home - the Erzgebirge

Those who are more inclined to the heights and slopes should not miss a hiking holiday in the Erzgebirge mountains in the east of Germany. The Erzgebirge offer you an unforgettable holiday with the most breathtaking views. From dense forests to wide meadows and fields there are many different hiking routes to discover in the Erzgebirge. For all winter lovers and snow fans we recommend a winter hiking tour. You can hike through the snow-covered landscapes and in no time you will find yourself in a winter wonderland. 

In many places there are also suspension railways, some of which take you up to the summit, where you can admire fantastic panoramas. Travel for a moment into a world above the roofs of the city. Especially if you are planning a hiking holiday with children, this is a real highlight.

The best way to start your exciting hiking holiday is from our Lindner Congress Hotel in Cottbus. By car you can reach the first foothills of the mountains in just 2 hours. But there are also sufficient train connections for a more comfortable journey. 

Lindner Congress Hotel Cottbus

In the middle of Cottbus you can stay in one of the 161 friendly furnished rooms and prepare perfectly for your holiday in the Spreewald. In our restaurant Primo you can experience exclusive Spreewald culinary delights and can end your hiking day in peace. 

If you are travelling with your children on your next hiking holiday, they are also very welcome here and in our spacious family rooms you have enough space to gather your strength. If you decide to spend a day on a bicycle tour, there are various bicycles available for you to rent at the hotel.

That's all you need to experience a perfect hiking and active holiday in the Spreewald. Book your holiday in the Spreewald now and come and visit us at the Lindner Congress Hotel Cottbus.

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Adventure holiday in the Westerwald

The Westerwald is considered one of the most beautiful hiking regions in northern Rhineland-Palatinate and the whole of Germany. With its approx. 3,000 square kilometres, the Westerwald has just the right thing for all hiking enthusiasts. Probably the most famous hiking route in the Westerwald is the WesterwaldSteig. In 16 stages, you hike the total of 235 km past unforgettably beautiful panoramas and experience nature in a new way.

In addition to many hiking tours lasting several days, the Westerwald also has a lot to offer for day hikes. Many of the day hikes are designed as circular walks so that you arrive back at your starting point. Most of the circular walks are so well designed that they are even accessible with prams. So if you have your children with you, the Westerwald is a wonderful place to take a walk with the whole family. 

Another plus point if you want to go hiking with your children in the Westerwald are the many trails right next to rivers or streams. In good weather your children can walk a little with their feet in the shallow water. This makes hiking much more fun for your children. Of course you can also take your dog with you on your trip. Your dog can let off steam on the extensive paths and fields. 

In the middle of the beautiful Westerwald lies the fantastic Wiesensee. The artificial lake is about 80 ha large and is therefore ideal for walks and short hikes around the lake. And the best thing about the Wiesensee is our Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club, whose own golf course borders directly on the lake. 

Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee

Start your hiking holiday from an idyllic setting and come and join us at the Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club right on the beautiful Wiesensee. Stay in one of the 87 elegantly cosy rooms and relax after an exciting hiking tour in the Westerwald. To relieve your exhausted legs a little after a strenuous hiking day, you can unwind and relax in our 900 m² Wald & Wiesen Spa. 

If you prefer to spend a day exploring the cycle paths around the Westerwald instead of the footpaths, our hotel staff will be happy to help you. We will be happy to provide you with rental bikes for a tour of discovery and give you tips on the most beautiful cycle paths.

We are also happy to welcome your children and your dog in our hotel. Because a hiking holiday with the whole family is much more fun! Book your holiday at the Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee now and go hiking in the beautiful Westerwald!

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Hiking with your feet in the water on Sylt

Do you really want to go hiking again, but don't feel like hiking up steep climbs and high mountains? Then spend your next hiking holiday on Sylt! Admittedly, when you think of a hiking holiday the first thought doesn't necessarily fall on Sylt, but why not? A hike directly by the sea is not only good for the soul, it is also very healthy. The salty air is especially good for your bronchial tubes and your skin. And the flat paths are particularly suitable for beginners to hiking. 

But not only directly along the beach you can do wonderful hiking. Between the dunes and away from the roads there are many wonderful hiking trails, in the middle of the most beautiful nature of Sylt. Hike to the northernmost point of Germany along the nature reserves. Most of these paths are asphalted, so you can walk here with your children in a pram without worries. 

A special highlight for children are the mudflat walks. These are offered in many places along the east coast. Together with an expert guide you will stomp through the Wadden Sea and learn a lot about its inhabitants. However, you should never go on a tidal flat hike alone, because the Wadden Sea also has its pitfalls and the water is back sooner than you think. 

All members of the family will have fun on a hike through the Sylt Sagenwald forest. The path is dotted with various playgrounds and places to explore, so you and your children are sure to have plenty of fun. We start at Wenningstedter Dorfteich, just a few minutes away from our Lindner Strandhotel Windrose. 

Lindner Strandhotel Windrose

Our Lindner Strandhotel Windrose is located directly opposite the Wenningstedter Promenade. In only 2 minutes walking distance you can reach the beautiful promenade and look out onto the long beach. From there you can start walking directly on the beach and breathe in the healthy sea air. 

Afterwards you can relax in one of the 76 Frisian furnished rooms and end an exciting day of hiking. In our restaurant Admirals Stuben you will find everything the Nordic heart desires and more! For a change of pace between the hiking days you can play a game of mini golf, directly opposite our hotel. Not only fun for children!

Book your somewhat different hiking holiday on Sylt and come to our Lindner Strandhotel Windrose in Wenningstedt on your next trip!

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Wine & hiking combined in Mainz!

We have found just the right destination for all wine lovers who do not want to miss out on hiking. Come to Mainz for a hiking holiday of a different kind! Mainz is situated in the largest wine-growing region in Germany and it is exactly from there that you start your wine hike through the picturesque vineyards.

Wine walks are very flexible. You can set out on your own and explore the area around Mainz by yourself. However, guided tours of various winegrowers including wine tasting are also available. A plus point of the guided tours is that you will learn interesting facts about winegrowing etc. in addition to the wine tastings. For those who don't feel like hiking on the side, there is also a special Wine & Bike tour. But beware, cycling and enjoyment is not always a successful combination!

Of course Mainz also has many great hiking trails to offer if you don't want to drink wine. For example, walk along the RheinTerrassenWeg from Mainz to Worms and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view over the Rhine. As Mainz is one of the most historic cities in Germany, there are many hiking routes that lead along old castle ruins and medieval fortresses. 

So if you want to start your next walking tour from a historic city centre, come and stay with us at the me and all hotel in the middle of Mainz!

me and all Mainz
In the middle of the city our living room is located in the me and all hotel mainz. Relax between your hiking tours in one of our 162 fabulous rooms and enjoy your time in our urban living room. For extra relaxation you can take a break in our roof sauna garden. After a wholesome breakfast in the cosy lounge, you will start the next hiking day stronger!

For those who have not yet exhausted themselves sufficiently while hiking, there is our fitness studio on the top floor. From there you have a sensational view over the beautiful old town of Mainz.

Book your next hiking holiday in Mainz and travel to our me and all hotel. Our Mainz living room is waiting for you!

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The Swiss mountains are calling - off to Interlaken

Do you want to get high and reach the top of the mountains during your next hiking holiday? Then off to Interlaken. This beautiful city in Switzerland, nestled between lakes and mountains, will make every hiker's heart beat faster. Whether in winter or in summer, the various hiking routes offer beautiful scenery in every season, making your hiking holiday an unforgettable experience. 

Discover the most beautiful vantage points in the Bernese Oberland and hike along wonderful panoramic paths up to the mountain top. For the absolute hiking pros, the Bernese mountains offer hiking trails with different stages. This way you can extend your mountain experience to a maximum and stay overnight in one of the various mountain huts. 

If you are on a hiking holiday with your children, there are a variety of circular hiking trails with different distances. And if you want to give your children a special treat, walk along one of the numerous theme & adventure trails. Your children will discover the mountains in a playful way, so that you and your children have the best possible fun on the hike. 

Our Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage is located in the middle of the Bernese mountains in beautiful Interlaken, directly on the Aare. 

Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage

Our impressive Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage offers you an ideal start to your perfect hiking holiday in Interlaken. Stay overnight in one of our 101 glamorous rooms and wake up with an incomparably beautiful view of the Aare. At our extensive breakfast buffet you will find everything you need for refreshment before an exciting day of hiking. 

If you are travelling with your children, we can offer you extra family rooms so that all members of the family can relax in peace after an exciting day of hiking. And, of course, we have also thought of our little guests in culinary terms and with children's meals we have just the right refreshment for a hike for your children. 

Numerous hiking trails start directly behind the hotel, which are ideal for day trips. You simply have to experience Interlaken live to understand its diversity and beauty. Travel to Interlaken for your next hiking holiday and book our Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage now.


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The almond blossom on Majorca - Spain from its most beautiful side

All hiking fans who do not want to miss out on the warm air and the holiday feeling are in the right place on Majorca, the most beautiful island of Spain. Away from the party miles near Palma, Majorca has beautiful nature with unique hiking routes to offer. Discover the treasures of Majorca and get to know the island from another enchanting side. 

The best time to explore Majorca on foot is in spring. The climate is not too warm, so you can walk around the beautiful island in a relaxed way. An absolute highlight of Majorca in spring is the almond blossom. This blossoms already from February and enchants Mallorca with a unique scent. You should not miss this spectacle and should definitely be a destination on your holiday. Travel to another world in Majorca. 

Majorca has something to offer for all hikers, whether beginners or advanced. The different hiking tours are divided into easy circular routes up to demanding tours, so that everyone can find their perfect hiking route here. But don't worry, on all the routes you will discover unique natural experiences and we are sure that after that you will see Majorca with different eyes. 

Many locals work at our Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous, who will be happy to help you find the perfect walking route for you and provide you with tips.

Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous

Only a few minutes from Palma is our beautiful Lindner Golf Resort Portals Nous on Majorca in Spain. We cordially invite you to stay in one of our 128 exotic rooms and simply relax after an eventful day of hiking. Relax in the evening in our wellness & spa area where you can choose between different pools and saunas. 

Are you travelling with your children? No problem, we are looking forward to welcoming you all. We have thought of your children in every respect and have everything a child's heart desires, from children's club to children's meals. So your hiking holiday on Mallorca with the whole family will be a real highlight. 

For singles who do not want to explore Majorca alone, our hotel offers guided tours in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. So what are you waiting for? Majorca is looking forward to you! Book your next holiday in our hiking hotel on Majorca a now!

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