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Very Good
  • 4/5

    Very good

    2020-08-14 by Leif N.
    Overall a very good hotel.
    - Close to the airport.
    - Nice and friendly staff.
    - Clean rooms.
    - Restaurant menu too short.
    - Breakfast OK but can improve.
    - Very good Corona standard.
    I will come back next time in Dusseldorf
  • 5/5

    Thank you and awesome service

    2020-06-02 by Jc
    We stayed there as a family and the junior suite was much bigger and better appointed than the photos show. The staff was super nice, attentive and professional. They really go above and beyond from their front desk and housekeeping, really excellent people!
  • 4/5

    Tolles Airporthotel

  • 4/5

    Noisy at night

    2020-02-24 by John D.
    I asked for a quiet room but got a room near the entrance of the hotel. It was a nice and clean room but in the room it was very very hot. I had to open a window from some fresh air and better temperature inside the room. But every 10 minutes a taxi or tram passed. People get out and in taxis, a lot of talk and noise. This was during the night. So I had to close the window again because of the noise. I didn't sleep very well and woke up early in the morning.

    I had a very good lunch at 5:45 in the morning and asked if they could arrange a taxi for me at 6:30 in the morning. This was no problem. At the time the taxi should arrive there was no taxi. They forgot to order the taxi. They ordered one, and promised me it would arrive in 3 minutes. It became 13 minutes. Not nice if you are in a hurry to the airport.
  • 4/5

    nice stay but one thing I didnt like...

    2020-02-17 by Aitor L.
    The hotel and stay was very Good in general.

    I went into the parking and saw more tan 7 parking placer reserved for "women"...??? what should we think if those parking placer were reserved just for "White people"??? I fell discriminated with such attitudes… sorry.
  • 4/5

    the hotel corresponds to the expectation with some details

    2020-01-28 by Domenico S.
    just two details: 1) the carpet in the room is not so clean. 2) the TV has 90 channels and no one italian. :-(
  • 4/5

    staying here for many years as they are according to my liking.

    2020-01-28 by Judit C.
  • 3/5

    No return visit

    2020-01-28 by Not P.
    Shuttle service was a nightmare and nearly impossible to find. Multiple calls needed to the hotel. Upon finally arriving the front desk was not at all interested in our experience and how to improve.

    Neighborhood very uninspiring.

    A very basic hotel with outdated furnishing.

    Restaurant employees were very nice.
  • 5/5


    2020-01-12 by Erik
    Short stay. Wonderful experience. Great airport shuttle service. Lunch box arranged at 4.30am!
  • 4/5

    A short but pleasant stay

    2020-01-04 by C M.
    The staff at the reception are always friendly and welcoming. For the very reasonable price of room and breakfast included we were very satisfied. We aleays enjoy the sauna facilitiesc

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