Golf holiday - Lindner Hotels & Resorts

Are you also that crazy about it? So crazy about golf?

It's a fact that golf makes you happy. And golf is good for your health. For many different reasons. That is also a fact. Firstly, it is a mid-level endurance sport where you get lots of fresh air, use nearly all of your muscles and have to concentrate almost as if you were meditating. It can free your mind. Secondly, if you do everything listed above in perfect harmony, it feels amazing. Which in turn, means golf is a healthy way to beat stress.

Lindner Hotels & Resorts bring together passionate golfers with amazing golf courses, motivated beginners with attractive development offers and non-golfers with lots of beginner's programmes as well as wellness, sports & leisure alternatives. Just in case they don't catch the golf bug! We are just as crazy about golf as you and looking forward to a fantastic golf season together in 2022.

Not just better. Different.

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