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Cologne: Your city trip incl. breakfast

Cologne, where to begin? Best of all, with the Lindner hotels at the heart of the city! And if there were a fun expedition, where would it take place? In Cologne of course, and there is one: the Cologne Fun Expedition. But the (most) amusing bus tour of Cologne is just one of countless things to do in the city.

The Cologne Cathedral, Cologne's cable car, the Cologne Opera and Carnival in Cologne, the city is as diverse as it is exciting! The cityscape is characterized just as much by countless monuments and fountains as by pubs, bars and restaurants. Cologne is colorful, liberal-minded and multicultural. Be it Christopher Street Day or a historical city tour, Cologne's Carnival or its nightlife … you have to love Cologne!

Offer & conditions:

  • Overnight stay  incl. breakfast

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