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City trips in Germany and Europe

Just a few days out of your own four walls and discover something new? City trips are ideal for this and most of the time interesting and beautiful cities are already nearby. Whether alone, with friends or family. Every city has something to offer for everyone. City trips are also ideal for a short vacation. 

Many combine city trips with stress, that a lot has to be seen in a short time. But it is nothing like this! You can also relax on such city trips, just like on any other vacation. You will see breathtaking buildings in different cities and immerse yourself in their culture and history. The cities offer you many small cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy cheap traditional cuisine or the best coffee in town.

Planning ahead is everything and we want to help you plan relaxed yet exciting city breaks. We have already selected the most important information for city trips for you. So have a look at our top sights of the respective cities, download the city maps and your city trip can begin. 

It doesn't matter if you want to go to the typical cities like Berlin or Hamburg. Or you are more attracted to Kiel or Mainz. We have the right destinations for you. Choose your perfect offers in the Lindner Hotels or me and all hotels in your favorite city and book your next city trip!

Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin!

The capital city in Germany will cast a spell over you and convey the Berlinl feeling of life! Berlin is one of the most popular cities for city trips in Germany. The city on the river Spree offers its visitors and residents many offers and deals for perfect city trips. Would you like to experience Berlin and the city in the middle of the hustle and bustle? Then we have our top 4 sights in the capital for you.

1. Reichstag

The impressive building is definitely worth a visit. Climb the glass dome of the building and watch the city's events from above. The Reichstag is the seat of the German Bundestag, where all politics takes place. For this reason it is one of the most visited sights of the city. In summer you have the opportunity to enjoy the sun and relax on the meadow with a view of the Reichstag.

2. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is located on Pariser Platz in the center of the city. All of Germany knows this landmark of Berlin. After the Wall was built, the gate was in a restricted area and was not accessible from the east or west side. For this reason, the gate was considered the memorial of the division at that time. Since the fall of the Wall, it has been considered a symbol of German unity.

3. Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Center

The memorial is located in the center of Berlin and is considered a place of remembrance of the German division. There you can also see a piece of the old Berlin Wall, which has been preserved since then. You can discover other preserved remains and get an impression of the border fortifications from the 1980s. The memorial includes an open-air exhibition that you should visit.

4. television tower

The television tower in Berlin should be familiar to everyone. At 368 meters high, it is considered the tallest building in Germany and stands out from the Berlin skyline. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the glass sphere and have a breathtaking view over the entire city from there.

Side Fact: The sphere rotates around itself once an hour, so you don't even have to move to get a panoramic view.

Lindner Hotel at Ku'Damm

Our Lindner Hotel is located directly at the famous Ku'Damm. The location couldn't be cheaper! Stay at our Berlin city hotel with style and charm. Start your short trip well rested after a night in one of our stylish, comfortable 124 rooms. You are in the heart of Berlin and as soon as you leave the hotel you are in the hustle and bustle of Berlin and your city trip can start. Book now and your next short trip to Berlin can start!


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At least if you ask the people of Hamburg. Convince yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the hanseatic charm. Discover the sights, the musicals and the famous nightlife. Hamburg has the right thing to offer for everyone. Hamburg is historical, Hamburg is versatile, Hamburg is green - explore the beautiful corners of Hamburg. Plan your city trip to Hamburg with our top sights. 

1. warehouse district

Discover a variety of large historic brick buildings in the Speicherstadt. The warehouses were built a few years ago on thousands of oak piles and have been listed for 30 years. Hamburg's Speicherstadt is the 40th UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Various attractions await you in the Speicherstadt. No matter if big or small, the Miniatur Wunderland is known and loved by everyone. You should also visit the Speicherstadt Museum. After visiting the various attractions, you can learn more about the different types of coffee and taste them in the coffee roasting plant.

If you walk a little further along the Speicherstadt, you will come out directly in the newly built Hafencity of Hamburg. Here you should also take a closer look around. Because right next to the historic buildings of the Speicherstadt, modern architecture stretches along the southern port of Hamburg. 

2. Elbe Philharmonic Hall

The Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall welcomes you in the center of the Hamburg harbor. You cannot miss the impressive concert hall. In the end, the Elbphilharmonie managed to make Hamburg famous everywhere. Perhaps you will even come to Hamburg for one of its concerts and get a glimpse of the interior of this unique concert hall. There, the highest level of sound and incomparable architecture meet.

The Elbphilharmonie Plaza is also open to non concertgoers. From there you have an unmistakable view over the port of Hamburg.

3. Reeperbahn

Famous for the nightlife in Hamburg - the Reeperbahn! In the evening the quarter St. Pauli comes to life here. Discover countless bars, theaters, discos and nightclubs. Even if you are not necessarily looking for a long night in one of the discotheques, a visit to the famous nightlife district is worthwhile.

Get into the atmosphere of the quarter and discover the nightlife in Hamburg with its many colorful facets.

4. Michel

Hamburg's most famous landmark is the main church of St. Michaelis. This protestant church, located in the city center, is known to visitors under the "Michel". The Michel is iconic for the cityscape of Hamburg. Visit the church and have a look at the impressive interior, maybe you can also participate in one of the church services.

Climb up the 452 steps of the church tower to the viewing platform and enjoy the breathtaking view over the city of Hamburg.

Tip: You also have the possibility to visit the Michel on certain weekdays at night and marvel at the starry sky from the viewing platform. On some days a reservation is necessary.

The Lindner Hotel am Michel or the Lindner Hotel Hagenbeck? Both hotels are unique and have their very own charm.
The Lindner Hotel am Michel, conveniently located in the heart of Hamburg. From there you can discover the city on foot, by bike or perhaps with an e-scooter. Come to rest in the beautiful, comfortable rooms and start your city trip with full power.

The Lindner Hotel Hagenbeck: perfect for your city trip with family, as a couple or with friends. The hotel is located in the direct vicinity of the Hagenbeck Zoo. Your stay at this hotel will be something very special. The hotel takes you on a journey with almost 134 "beastly cool" rooms.

Have a look at the hotels and decide for your citytrip hotel in Hamburg and book your citytrip to the north now!


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Frankfurt - The Manhatten of Germany

"Mainhatten" is the largest city in Hesse and is one of the most important financial cities in Europe and even the world, thanks to the headquarters of the European Central Bank. However, the city on the Main River does not only have finance and the banking district with its impressive skyscrapers to offer. You can discover quaint bars, family-run restaurants, the lively art scene and many other highlights.

1. Main Tower

The Main Tower offers you one of the most beautiful views over Frankfurt. It is one of the tallest office buildings with a publicly accessible viewing platform. You can get to the top either via the 1,090 steps or the elevators. At Frankfurt's highest vantage point, you can indulge in culinary delights, work out in Europe's highest fitness studio or view the many works of art.

2. old town

Frankfurt's old town is not only a delight for architecture fans. After ten years of construction, the new old town shines in a whole new splendor. A mix of old and new meets there and especially the 15 historical reconstructions and 20 modern replicas stand out.

The old town invites you for a stroll through the various small stores and boutiques. Let the charm of the old town take effect on you over a coffee or a wine.

3. Paulskirche

The Paulskirche stands for national freedom and democracy, which you should definitely visit during your visit to Frankfurt. The imposing and breathtakingly beautiful building is mainly used for the presentation of the "Peace Prize of the German Book Trade". In addition, various exhibitions are presented there.

4. palm garden

Would you like to escape the skyscrapers for a moment and dive into a green oasis? Then Frankfurt has the right thing for you. The Palmengarten is one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany. Here you can discover plants from all over the world. The Palmengarten is a perfect end to an exciting day. You can stroll comfortably through the park and just relax in the middle of Frankfurt.

The Palmengarten offers a small highlight every year in June. The Rose and Light Festival takes place there, accompanied by illuminations, a musical program and a rose exhibition. And finally you can admire the spectacular fireworks.

In Frankfurt, three Lindner Hotels await your city breaks - the Sports Academy, the Congress Hotel and the Main Plaza
The Sports Academy is particularly suitable for city trips who want to combine their vacation with a visit to the soccer stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt. Due to the convenient location of the hotel near the stadium, it is only a few minutes' walk to the stadium.

For a hotel in the middle of Frankfurt's hustle and bustle, it is best to visit the Lindner Main Plaza. From there you can start your city trip in only 15 minutes directly in the city center.

The third Lindner Hotel is located in the beautiful district of Höchst, directly on the edge of the old town. So choose your perfect Lindner Hotel in Frankfurt and lay the foundation for your city trip.

Even for last-minute short trips you will surely find a nice room in one of our hotels in Frankfurt.


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How about Düsseldorf as a destination for your short break? Fashion, shopping and chic are the hallmarks of Düsseldorf's cityscape. But Düsseldorf is much more! For city trips to Düsseldorf, the city has several Rhine ports, museums and other sights in store for you. 

1. old town

The old town lies directly on the beautiful Rhine promenade. Stroll through the old town and visit one of the breweries and drink a traditional Altbier. At the Rhine promenade you can enjoy a coffee and watch the hustle and bustle while enjoying the most beautiful view. Discover the Carlsplatz with its market and be amazed about the cheapest offers. Afterwards you stroll to the Burgplatz and the city hall of Düsseldorf.

If you are interested in the breweries, you have the possibility to take part in one of the tours through the breweries and learn interesting facts about the beer culture.

2. Königsallee

Königsallee, or "Kö" for short, is also part of THE shopping street in the city of Düsseldorf and is not far from the Old Town. It is the most famous shopping street in Germany and is lined with top-class designer stores and popular fashion chains. Here you will find cheap offers and bargains up to sophisticated fashion. Even if you do not want to buy anything there, a visit is still worthwhile.

The shopping street has a very special flair, surrounded by green spaces and large trees, invites you to let yourself go. At the northern end of the Kö, a magnificent Triton fountain awaits you.

3. Rhine Tower

The television tower with a height of 234 meters is also one of the landmarks of the city of Düsseldorf. Take a look at the skyline of Düsseldorf, there you will see the imposing building that dominates the skyline. You can visit the platform at a height of almost 170 meters and have a gigantic view over the city.

Besides the unmistakable view from the platform, the world's largest digital clock is another highlight of the Rhine Tower.

4. Japanese Quarter

You will experience a real spectacle of different colorful districts and impressions of the city. Come to the Japanese Quarter and experience the Japanese way of life in the middle of Europe. In the middle of Düsseldorf you can stroll through the various Japanese stores. Of course you can also try out the menu in one of the numerous Japanese restaurants. Every year Düsseldorf hosts the Japan Day, which celebrates the German-Japanese friendship.

The quarter extends from the conveniently located Immermannstraße in the direction of the train station. Little Tokyo on the Rhine is always worth a visit.

You are spoilt for choice - two Lindner Hotels and a me and all hotel in Düsseldorf offer you perfect travel deals. 
The Lindner Hotel Airport as well as the Lindner Congress Hotel are located in quiet suburbs of Düsseldorf. But by bus, train or car you can reach the city center in about 10 minutes. From the top floor of the Lindner Congress Hotel you have a wonderful breathtaking view over the entire city. Soon you will find a bar & lounge for relaxed evenings after a trip through the city.

Instead, the me and all hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city, right in the Japanese Quarter. Only a few minutes on foot separate you from the old town, the Rhine and the well-known "Kö". Thanks to its convenient location, you can reach almost all the sights on foot.

After you have had a good night's sleep, you can enjoy your breakfast including coffee on the 11th floor with a wonderful view. Start your city trip through Düsseldorf strengthened. After an exciting day you return to the 11th floor for a delicious dinner. 

Book your top offers in Düsseldorf comfortably online!



Cologne -The carnival city

Cologne, the metropolis on the Rhine, which is not only worth a visit for carnival Experience the city of Cologne from its most beautiful sides. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the city and experience Cologne in your own way.

Cologne is colorful, cosmopolitan and multicultural. Cologne is simply lovely and definitely worth a city trip!

1. Cologne Cathedral and Old Town

The well-known Cologne Cathedral is the city's landmark and one of the largest churches in Europe. The magnificent church was only completed in 1880. With a construction stop of 300 years, the construction took almost 600 years in total. On your city trip to Cologne you have the opportunity to climb the cathedral and enjoy the view from up there over the entire city.

Side Fact: The cathedral's dark color is partly due to the stone-chipping that it has to fight against.

Most of the sights are located in the heart of Cologne, in the middle of the old town. So you can easily walk around the places and admire the old town with its small alleys. Once you arrive at the Rhine promenade, you can sit down in one of the countless inexpensive breweries and enjoy a traditional Kölsch beer with a view of the Rhine or the cathedral.

2. love castles at the Hohenzollern bridge

Also very well known is the tradition of love castles on the Hohenzollern Bridge. Meanwhile there are more than 500.000 love castles hanging there. Lovers buy a castle in the old town and have their names engraved on it. Afterwards they attach it to the bridge and throw the key into the Rhine together. The custom says eternal love by attaching a love lock.

3. carnival

Carnival, the 5th season, has a long tradition in Cologne. It begins on 11.11. at 11:11 o'clock and is tuned in by the Cologne triumvirate accompanied by carnival music. The season has begun, but until the street carnival begins, every "Jeck" has to wait until Weiberfastnacht. From Weiberfastnacht to Ash Wednesday all hell breaks loose in Cologne and the surrounding area. It is celebrated everywhere on the streets next to carnival parades.

The highlight is Rosenmontag with its traditional Rosenmontag procession and many decorated floats, dance groups and foot groups that throw their "camels" into the crowd.

Carnival is a season in itself and definitely a very special experience!

4. chocolate museum

In 4th place among our Cologne sights is the most visited museum in the city: the Chocolate Museum. Not only for children an experience, but also for adults. On three floors you can learn everything about chocolate, immerse yourself in history and follow everything from beginning to end. Finally, there is the big highlight: a 3 meter high chocolate fountain where you are welcome to taste.

Tip: If you want to try more chocolate and even make it yourself, this is offered as part of tours.

In Cologne, two Lindner Hotels invite you to stay - the Lindner Hotel City Plaza and the Lindner Hotel Dom Residence
The Lindner Hotel City Plaza is located directly on Friesenplatz and is about 15 minutes' walk from Cologne's city center and old town. The hotel conveys the charm of the city. Travel over the 11 floors, which are actually only 6, and discover various works of art in the corridors. You will gain a short insight into the city and shortly after you can leave the hotel yourself and start your city trips.

The Lindner Hotel Dom Residence welcomes you in a convenient location to the Cologne Cathedral. From there you can reach the most diverse sights in minutes. Enjoy your stay in one of the comfortable rooms, some of them with a view of the cathedral.

Find your ideal Lindner Hotel in Cologne and book now online or by phone! Your next city trip to Cologne is already waiting!


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Mainz - a medieval pearl on the Rhine

The over 2000 year old city has a lot to offer. From the old town to the St. Martin & St. Stephan Cathedral and the carnival fountain. These three places belong to the top 3 sights in Mainz for us. Let the city draw you into its charm and marvel at the "golden" city.

1. old town

Stroll through the winding alleys of the old town and let yourself be enchanted. The central Augustinerstraße leads you to the Mainz Cathedral. In the old town you can stroll past small cafés, restaurants and boutiques. Enjoy Mainz specialties and selected wines in various wine taverns. 

2. Mainz Cathedral St. Martin

Mainz Cathedral has been enthroned above the roofs of the city for a number of years now, and thanks to some structural improvements over the years, various styles can be found in this magnificent building. A spectacle for all fans of architecture. Mainz Cathedral has become so famous because of the many episcopal funeral monuments. In the cathedral you will find, among other things, a museum in which all other altars, paintings and furniture are exhibited. Besides regular church services, there are also offers such as guided tours for tourists and concerts.

3. carnival fountain

Mainz is also one of the strongholds of carnival. You can visit Mainz in the fifth season and take part in the Mainz carnival. Of course, you can also visit the famous Fastnachtsbrunnen and the Mainz tradition at any other time. At first you can see the magnificent fountain with its more than 200 figures, afterwards you should visit the corresponding museum. There you can see typical uniforms, fool's caps, sceptres, photos and videos. So you can also dive into the Mainz Carnival.

me and all hotel mainz

3 - 2 - 1 - Mainz. Drive to Mainz for your city trip. The me and all hotel mainz offers you a perfect location in the middle of Mainz. Due to the convenient location of the hotel you are within a few minutes in the city center and at various sights. Even if you want to sleep longer, the hotel offers a late breakfast.

You do not have to start your short vacation with stress. Come to rest between your sightseeing tours, for example on our roof terrace or in colder weather in our lobby in the comfortable living room style. Book your city trip with us and feel completely at home, only in another city.



Hannover - the jewel of Lower Saxony

The capital of Lower Saxony has a lot up its sleeve for city trips. From impressive architecture to lively trendy districts, crazy bus stops to cosy restaurants and cafés. As a small tip: There is a "red thread" running through the city, which offers you a little orientation and connects the sights of the city. Hanover is often not taken into consideration when it comes to city trips within Germany. We think differently and have selected our top 4 sights for the perfect city breaks:

1. old town

The old town of Hanover was largely destroyed in the Second World War. Few half-timbered houses survived the war and shine in a very special splendor today. These were dismantled in the 50s and rebuilt around the old town hall. Through the rebuilding the old town was created. There you can stroll through small alleys, past the many half-timbered houses and brick buildings. Take in the charm of the city and let yourself drift through the wonderful old town.

2. new city hall

The new city hall is considered the landmark of Hannover. The Lord Mayor still has his seat there today and manages the city administration from this magnificent building. The highlight is that you can still visit the building from the inside. Upon entering the city hall, you are greeted by a splendidly impressive entrance hall.

The city hall holds another spectacle in store for you. You can reach the platform of the building via an elevator. This doesn't sound like much, but the elevator is one of the most unique in Europe. It tilts 17 degrees and adapts to the arched dome. From the platform you have a wonderful view over Hannover and on a clear day you can even see the Harz Mountains.

3. manor house gardens

The gardens are one of the highlights of the state capital. They were laid out as early as 1666 and still exist in their most beautiful form today. You can stroll through the large garden and marvel at the grotto with its extraordinary decorations.

The Berggarten, the Georgengarten as well as the Schloss Herrenhaus has opened its doors for you and invites you on a special journey. Discover the most different plants and let yourself be enchanted by the nature experience.

4. castle Marienburg

Among the TOP 10 sights is of course the real castle of the city. It was built a few years ago just outside the city as a token of the love of King George V of Hanover to his wife. Today it is not only one of the top sights, but also one of the most important neo-Gothic monuments in Germany.

Marienburg Castle is used today by the oldest still existing royal house in Europe as a summer residence. Nevertheless there are offers to visit the interior of the castle with a tour. You will be guided through the rooms and discover particularly well-preserved furnishings and admirable objects in each room. The highlight of the tour are the magnificent bedrooms, which are decorated with gold leaf.

Let the castle enchant you and take you back 200 years in time.

me and all hotel hanover

In Hannover our me and all hotel welcomes you. The conveniently located hotel is ideal for your city trip to the capital of Lower Saxony, Germany. You can reach most of the sights easily on foot. The living room of Hannover invites you to relax in the comfortable armchairs. In the bedrooms you can spend nice evenings and come to rest. From morning till evening you have the possibility to try out the offers in the lounge. 

Convince yourself of the comfortable and cool hotel in downtown Hannover, because Hannover is definitely worth a short break!




You would like to go to the sea, but not so far? You want to relax a little, but still explore the city? Then you are right in Kiel! The city on the Baltic Sea has a lot to offer! If you plan your city trip in June, the famous Kieler Woche awaits you there. The biggest sailing sport event in the world. Kiel is adventurous, varied and diverse.

Discover our top 3 of the city.

1. botanical gardens

The botanical garden located in the city center offers you a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Immerse yourself in the wonderful green of the most diverse plants and simply switch off. Stroll along the winding paths, past exotic plants and interesting trees and shrubs to the viewing pavilion. From the lookout point you have a great view over the gardens to the Kieler Förde.

2. city hall tower of Kiel

The town hall tower is the landmark of the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The tower, completed in 1911, offers a magnificent view. You have the possibility to visit the tower from the inside and climb up to the observation deck. From there you have a breathtaking view of the entire city. Every hour on the hour you will hear a wonderful carillon, which resembles the melody of the Big Ben from London. Listen to the melody and let the magnificent building of the city take effect on you.

3. submarine U 995

This submarine belongs to the history of Germany. At that time it was used by the navy, captured by Great Britain and Norway during the war and today it is open for you to visit. Get to know the history of the submarine on site and let yourself be transported back to the year 1945.

me and all kiel

Everything is more beautiful in the north! Visit our me and all hotel in Kiel. Sleep in our rooms with a love of detail and wake up in the morning with a fantastic view of the Kiel harbour. After your exciting day the hotel has many offers to withdraw and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Be it in the fireplace lounge, in the bar or in your room. In the lobby you will find a billiard table where you can play against your friends or family.

 The me and all hotel offers its guests a small wellness area with sauna and relax area, so that you can relax and warm up after your city trip. Book your personal keel experience now directly online or by phone!



our european treasures



The Slovak capital in the middle of Europe, offers its guests numerous sights and beautiful corners and is perfect for your short vacation in the form of a city trip. Good to Know: You don't need to change money, because the Euro is also a common means of payment there.

And did you know that Vienna is only one hour away from Bratislava and is definitely worth a trip. So you can combine two city trips with each other. But we will come back to Vienna later!

1. old town with old city hall

The old town of Bratislava convinces above all with its small but beautiful city center and many old restored buildings. Stroll through the streets and alleys and let the charm of the city take effect on you. Try to keep an eye out for bronze statues. There is a paparazzi to be discovered, Čumil, who looks out of the manhole cover and the "beautiful Náci", who raises his hat in greeting.

During your stroll through the old town you will also pass the old town hall. The old stone building was then the seat of the city administration, today it is a museum that tells the city history of Bratislava.

2. castle Bratislava

It is the dominant landmark of the city! The way up to the castle can be a bit strenuous, but the view from the castle is definitely worth it. The castle is the venue for many festivals and events. Most of them do not even cost an entrance fee.

Tip: The Vydrica Bar is located directly on the way to the castle. On the way back you can stop there for a short break and enjoy a cool traditional Slovakian beer.

3. palace Grassalkovich and its gardens

The Presidential Palace of Bratislava is open to tourists. You have the opportunity to walk in the beautiful gardens. Stroll through the Presidential Avenue, where every head of state of Bratislava has planted an oak tree. The park is one of the best places in the city to escape the bustle of the big city for a while. 

Tip: If you walk towards the palace on the hour, you will see the changing of the guard.

Lindner Hotel Gallery Central

Of course, Lindner Hotels also offer a perfect place to rest and relax in Bratislava. The Lindner Hotel Gallery Central invites you to exciting city trips. Sleep in one of the 222 rooms and wake up with a great view over Bratislava. Start your sightseeing in downtown Bratislava and discover the great city.

After an exciting day in the city you can relax in the Golem Club and review the day and impressions. Book your next city vacation in Bratislava online now! 



Antwerp - the diamond city

The city directly on the Scheldt in Belgium, the diamond city, shaped by the Middle Ages, shows its guests its charm and takes them on a little journey. Antwerp used to be considered one of the most important metropolises for trade in the whole of Europe, both on water and on land. The city is known for its medieval style, which is reflected in the nine city districts. The Middle Ages can be seen in the statues and old buildings. You should definitely visit Antwerp on your city trips!

1. Cathedral of Our Lady

The cathedral is one of the most beautiful Flemish buildings and was completed in 1690. It is one of the most impressive sights of Antwerp. It is also worthwhile to visit it at night, because the Cathedral of Our Lady is brightly illuminated by some spotlights and looks even more imposing.

2. castle Steen - Het Steen

The former prison Burg Steen is one of the oldest buildings in the city. After the castle was no longer used as a prison, it was converted into a palace by order of the emperor of the time. Since 2019 the castle has been used for various exhibitions or events.

After exploring the castle, you can make a small detour to the statue of the Antwerp folk figure "Long Coat of Arms". This folk figure belongs to the legend of Antwerp. He had a malicious character and tricked the inhabitants of Antwerp and scared them whenever he could.

3. Grote market

The Grote Markt, also called Grand Place, the city's landmark, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most beautiful squares of its kind. Another highlight on this square is the Brabob Fountain, a fountain dating from 1887, which was created by the artist Jef Lembeaux through a legend of the city's foundation. This legend says that a giant of travelers demanded road tolls and punished them bitterly as soon as they did not want to pay. Brabo, after whom the fountain was named, was able to free the city by defeating the giant.

As a tip from us: Take a seat in one of the small cafés at the Grote Markt and have a cup of coffee and watch the hustle and bustle and the old beautiful buildings around the square.

4. TOP TIP: cool district Sant Andries - Kloosterstraat - Nationalestraat

The Andreasviertel is definitely worth a visit. Besides the well-known sights you will find a little bit of variety there. Formerly a poverty quarter - today the hipster quarter. The most beautiful streets in the quarter are the Kloosterstraat and the Nationalestraat. Here you will find many restaurants and small cafés as well as some cheap antique stores and designer stores.

Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp

Our Lindner Hotel in Antwerp is conveniently located right next to the famous Central Station in the Diamond Quarter. Explore the city after a rich breakfast and reach your destinations without long travel times. After an exciting sightseeing day you can end the evening with a glass of wine in our 360° Three Sixty Lounge & Bar. Relax in our comfortable rooms with a beautiful view and gather strength for further sightseeing tours. Book your city break in Antwerp now!



Prague - the golden city

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. In Prague you have the opportunity to dive into small winding alleys and get to know the culture of Prague. The Czech capital has some sights for you. The many historical buildings radiate a very special charm. In every district of Prague you will find magnificent buildings, old houses and sights. 

To get from place to place easily, you can simply take the Prague metro system. With just three lines, the entire metro system is easy and quick to understand. With line 22 you can already explore a large part of the sights in Prague. Ideal for rainy days during city trips in Prague!

Tip: Buy a Metro Card for your day or weekend trip, which will make the trip with the Metro cheaper.

1. Karl's Bridge

The Karl's Bridge is considered the oldest preserved stone bridge in Europe. The bridge connects the Old Town with a small district of Prague with an extraordinary atmosphere. The arched bridge was built with 16 arches and leads into the interior of the city across the Vltava River. It is part of the Old Town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the great age of the bridge and various restorations, it was decided that the bridge figures and icons would be gradually replaced. Thus the maintenance of the bridge could be guaranteed. The figures can then be admired in the National Museum.

Once you have arrived in the Old Town of Prague via the Karl's Bridge, you can drink a beer typical of the Czech Republic in one of the many inexpensive restaurants and relax.

2. Prague Castle

When someone thinks of Prague, he usually thinks of the famous Prague Castle from the 9th century first. From the castle you have a breathtaking view over the whole city, because it is situated on a hill in the heart of Prague. For over 1000 years, the castle has been undergoing constant restoration, which makes it so unique, as it brings together different styles from different eras. The largest closed castle complex is a unique highlight.

3. the old town hall and the astronomical clock

In the past, the Old Town Hall was built as the seat of the Old Town's self-government. Today, however, the seat of the politicians is located in the Neustadt City Hall. Nevertheless, the Old Town Hall with its admirable tower and the old apostle's clock is considered a real sight. As soon as the apostle clock strikes the full hour, twelve apostles appear on the clock.

Another sight is the astronomical clock, which is considered a cultural monument. You can see an astronomical clock face and a calendar. The clock has been constantly revised and adapted to technical progress. Guided tours are offered, which explain the exact mechanics of the clock in Czech or English.



Things you should not do in Prague

  • Change money on the street. There are enough exchange offices in the entire city for this
  • Fall for exchange offices with "0% commission
  • Wear valuables visibly and easily accessible
  • Parking at the roadside
  • Forgot to stamp your ticket on the train
  • Simply start running at a crosswalk
Lindner Hotel Prague Castle

Conveniently located to Prague Castle, you can stay in one of the beautiful and elegant rooms of the Lindner Hotel Prague Castle. You walk out of the hotel and are directly at the first point of your city tour. After you have discovered the city and let yourself be inspired by its charm, you can spend a relaxing evening in the restaurant. There you can get to know the traditional Czech cuisine. After a delicious meal you will have the opportunity to relax in the small but nice wellness area.

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A city with a lot of history and culture. Immerse yourself in the city and experience a city trip of a special kind. Stroll through the city, past the many sights and discover something new at every corner. The city has a lot in store for you. 

Did you know that Vienna is one of the most liveable cities in Europe? So what are you waiting for, on to Vienna!

1. Vienna Prater

The Vienna Prater, a fairground for young and old, is part of every visit to Vienna. You will find the Prater directly in the city center of Vienna. Even from far away you can have a look at the Ferris wheel. The short trip to Vienna would only be half as nice without a ride on the famous Giant Ferris Wheel. Imagine the breathtaking view you will have from up there.

Besides the Giant Ferris Wheel, the Vienna Prater has other attractions to offer, such as creepy and laughing booths or roller coasters. Hunger is also provided for. Let yourself taste the typical Prater specialties, such as the Viennese Pork Wagtail or the Lángos.

2. Castle Belvedere

The baroque castle, which was built at that time for Prince Eugene of Savoy, still shines in its splendor today. Nowadays nobody lives in the magnificent building anymore. It houses one of the most valuable art collections in Austria. The castle consists of two complexes, the Upper and the Lower Belvedere.

The signing of the state treaty for the liberation of the Republic from occupying powers took place on May 15, 1955 in the Upper Belvedere.

You should also visit the wonderful gardens of the castle. Stroll along the paths and let the special baroque landscape architecture take effect on you. Discover many special little corners along the way, such as the reflecting pond.

3. St. Stephan's Cathedral

The cathedral church St. Stephan was built in the 12th century in the center of Vienna at the Stephansplatz. St. Stephen's Cathedral is one of the landmarks of Vienna. Marvel at the magnificent building from the outside with its many spectacular details.

You also have the possibility to visit the church from the inside. You can reach the viewing platform with a gigantic view over the city via the 343 steps. A highlight of the cathedral is the special roof. There the coat of arms of the city of Vienna and of Austria was laid with colorful roof tiles.

Lindner Hotel at the Belvedere

The Lindner Hotel with a view of the Belvedere Castle offers you an ideal place for your city trips. Sleep better than in a long time in one of our modern and elegant 219 rooms. Let us spoil you royally in our restaurants, enjoy a break in the wellness area and start your short trips in a relaxed manner. The hotel has a fantastic location, because the botanical garden and the Belvedere Castle welcome you as soon as you leave the hotel.

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