At Lindner Hotels & Resorts, nothing comes off the peg. This also applies to our security and hygiene concept, which offers you the good feeling of reliability, the greatest possible flexibility and, last but not least, the distance you need to set sail again and get back on course. 

Future-oriented rooms, professional conference equipment, comprehensive conference and event services and fair conditions so that you can book your event with us in a relaxed manner. 

Video conferences are great. Meetings, conferences and events live and in colour made by Lindner are great! 


Many things are best viewed, experienced and often noted at a distance! In our event and conference rooms, we have also ensured that safety measures and distance rules can be implemented and observed without any problems, so that you can relax and concentrate on your event. Clear advantage: even more space at the venue, and a clear view of screens, projections and speakers. 

Look over the Corona wall with us, let your ideas and visions run free and concentrate on the essentials: Your event! 

► Distance
We have also ensured in the conference and break area that it will not be difficult for you to comply with the applicable distance rule. 

► Hygiene seal
At the beginning of each event, our guests will find all surfaces in the conference room cleaned and disinfected. Our meeting and event rooms are sealed after cleaning and disinfection, and all moderation instruments such as microphones or remote controls are specially protected.

► Disinfection facilities
We provide sufficient disinfection dispensers for all participants throughout the hotel.

► Mouth/nose protection mask
Our staff wear a mouth and nose protection mask for your and our safety. We are happy to provide masks for your participants on request. Help us! Wear a mask in all public areas too.

► Air purification systems
In some of our hotels we provide professional air purification systems. These air filters can eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, as well as aerosols, dust, allergens or any smells. Available on request and depending on availability.

► Coffee breaks
We ensure that our guests have sufficient space during the breaks. Your participants will have their own coffee break room or a demarcated area.

► Catering
All our food and drink is prepared and served in accordance with current hygiene standards.

► Instruction
Our employees are comprehensively trained and instructed in all aspects of hygiene. We make sure to inform them daily about current developments and possible adjustments.

► Documentation
All the measures listed above are continuously checked and documented.

► Up-to-date
The applicable measures and procedures in the hotels are continuously updated and adapted to new scientific findings.

The LINDNER fair & flexible guarantee at a glance

Everything you need from a single source. One central contact for all matters and all Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels.

Your time is precious. That's why we respond to your request within the same day.

Our fair and individually negotiable cancellation and deposit policies, as well as an option period, ensure you maximum flexibility.

We will be happy to offer you fixed prices for bookings in the following years.

From the first impression to the final deal: benefit from virtual house tours, direct online bookability, state-of-the-art event technology and digital billing models.

With access to our central image database, there is nothing to stop you visualising your event.

Upgrades and VIP status for your special guests are a matter of course with us.


Not just better. Different.

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