UNESCO - Sustainable Travel Pledge

Responsible and sustainable tourism with Lindner Hotels & Resorts

Lindner shows its commitment to protect the environment, local cultures and communities that rely on the travel industry. The UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge aims to promote sustainable travel, the adaptability of communities and the preservation of cultural heritage worldwide. By participating in the programme, Lindner Hotels & Resorts publicly commit to measures that reduce the company's impact on the environment. In doing so, we aim to raise awareness among our guests and help them make more sustainable travel choices.



  • Community engagement: An important factor for sustainable tourism is to support the communities and cultures in which we operate.
  • Saving energy: Reducing energy consumption not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions and save natural resources, but also lowers costs.
  • Saving water: We are committed to implement measures such as installing low water consumption toilets and collecting and using rainwater.
  • Waste reduction: Established waste reduction policies, such as recycling or composting of food waste.
  • Reduction of single-use plastics: We want to show commitment and replace single-use plastics such as straws and toiletries with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Driven by a first-of-its-kind collaboration between UNESCO and Expedia Group, the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge aims to promote sustainable travel, community resilience and heritage conservation globally. Signatories can learn about sustainable practices for their business, and together we can drive positive change in the travel industry for future travelers.

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