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The professional environment in which we live and work is becoming more complex every day and so there is an increasing number of regulations and laws to comply with. For Lindner Hotels AG, as a family-run company, it is important to have a uniform language and guidelines in order to strengthen and uphold our values. Our values are shaped by tradition. We believe that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and with respect for other people, their dignity and their rights.

We set high standards for ourselves, as well as for all managers and employees, in terms of ethically correct behaviour that complies with the law. Each individual is jointly responsible for the so-called "compliance with the law". Lindner Hotels AG has integrated a Compliance Management System for this purpose. It is intended to ensure that compliance is lived and implemented throughout the company.

For this reason, the Management Board does not tolerate any violations of the applicable legal regulations and ethical principles. Violations can not only damage the company's image, but can also have enormous economic consequences. Accordingly, violations are not tolerated and are consistently investigated and sanctioned, taking into account the legal framework.

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Janina Eigen
Corporate Risk- and Compliance Manager
Phone: +49 211 5997 1131

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