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Cologne is not a city for one night. Cologne is a city to fall in love with.

Cologne is not just another city. Cologne is Cologne and will always remain Cologne. The people of Cologne love their city and the life around the cathedral. Cologne is a city where you immediately feel at home, even as a guest. Cologne is full of life and heart. And Cologne is full of sights. You encounter them at every turn.

Here you can have endless fun walking down kilometre after kilometre from morning to night, wandering through the most diverse quarters and finding something new everywhere. Conveniently, nothing is too far away in Cologne. If you like to go shopping, you can find plenty of unusual things on your forays through the city. From inexpensive fashions to wacky outfits to breathtakingly expensive styles. Cologne has just about everything. The media metropolis with its charming old town on the Rhine can easily compete with the world's big cities.

Cologne is a city to love, and it becomes more lovable with every stay. You simply have to experience Cologne. And with the Lindner Hotel Dom Residence in the heart of the city, you can do it especially well!

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