Leopards at Cologne Zoo

Cologne Zoo is one of the few zoos to have both Persian leopards and Snow leopards. The modern enclosures of these graceful cats are between the tiger and lion areas and the entrance to the tropical house and have been designed to ensure good visibility. Behind thick panes of glass, you can come close to the animals.

Persian leopard

The leopard has conquered various habitats in Africa and Asia with a number of sub-types. But because of their exceptionally beautiful skin, they have been hunted intensively and are now threatened or even extinct in many regions. Thus, the Persian leopards are also threatened in their natural habitats. Like many other large cats, the leopard catches its prey at twilight. It is helped in this by excellent vision, which gets even better at night.

The prey is torn down and killed by a bite to the throat. It is then dragged up to a high-lying fork of a tree, where it is safe against competitors such as hyenas and lions. Sharp claws act like spikes, so that the leopard can climb up and down the trees almost vertically.

System: Carnivores, cats

Gestation: approx. 3 months

Maximum age: 21 years

Body weight: approx. 80 kg

Distribution: Northern Persia, Afghanistan

Habitat: Mountains up to 4000 m altitude

Food: Mammals, birds, fish, insects


Source: https://www.koelnerzoo.de/ (Status: 24.08.2018)


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