Dive into hidden worlds

From the local waters of the Rhine to the Indo-Pacific coral reefs: The aquarium showcases the inhabitants of mysterious water worlds. In around 70 geographically arranged tanks, we present amazingly colourful fish, anemones, corals, starfish, mussels and crabs.

Discover the diversity of the oceans

The 20,000-litre Lake Tanganyika pool is one of the biggest tanks. It shows the diversity of species in the East African Rift Valley. In another large aquarium, coral fish live in amongst living coral, sea urchins and giant clams. Coral dogfish are also found in Cologne’s Aquarium. We have successfully bred them. Piranhas are a great attraction for visitors, and not just at feeding time.


Simply exotic

From colourful poison dart frogs to colour-changing chameleons
Go on an expedition – and take in a variety of exotic amphibians and reptiles in around 60 terrariums.

Unique throughout the world

A special attraction well worth a visit is the recently discovered Quince Monitor Lizard. Also represented are various tortoises and turtles. In addition, a wealth of different lizards, amphibians and snake species move through the elaborate landscapes, designed to be appropriate to the species. Or visit our Philippines crocodile - the most dangerous type of crocodile in the world.

Experience nature conservation

Visit the information area to find out about our nature conservation project in Vietnam. Here you can get close enough to examine some of our newly discovered types of amphibian and reptile. In an amphibian breeding facility specially designed for this purpose, we are also dedicated to the breeding of rare types of frog and salamander.


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