#urbanCGN – cologne urban lifestyle

#urbanCGN – cologne urban lifestyle

Cologne lives an "urban lifestyle" – the city on the banks of the Rhine has become a creative hotspot and its active urban scene offers locals and guests everything that makes the city a special experience. This includes trends that are significantly characterised by the urban space, but also a flourishing and unique neighbourhood culture, which offers diverse identification potential for the local people. With its wide range of activities and a strong creative economy, the cathedral city offers a wealth of experiences for lovers of design, fashion, culture, music, festivals, food and more. In addition to traditional businesses and established events, newcomers from the various districts have a big impact on city life. In addition, there is a large start-up and off-scene.

Fashion & Design

There is a long tradition of design in Cologne: The imm Cologne, an international furniture trade fair, is the leading fair for residential design and presents the international trends in the industry in January every year. The associated Interior Design Week PASSAG is the largest German design event, where each year around 200 shows by national and international designers and newcomers can be seen throughout the city. In the Design Post in Cologne-Deutz, you can find out about the latest trends in the industry all the year round. A permanent exhibition of internationally renowned design collections is presented in a space measuring 3,000 square metres. Along the so-called furniture mile on the Cologne Ring, numerous furniture manufacturers and interior facilities have their showrooms. In addition, the city districts of Ehrenfeld, Belgian Quarter and recently Zollstock have evolved into creative centres. While the design district of Ehrenfeld and the Initiative Design 18/12 in Zollstock are more strongly characterised by the interior design scene, the Belgian Quarter is primarily home to small, individual boutiques that offer unusual fashion and accessories. Every year in June there is the fashion and design event "le bloc". The ökoRAUSCH Festival held in May is dedicated to sustainable design. In addition, all the year round there are flea markets where vintage lovers come into their own, for example, in the Mädelsflohmarkt (Girls’ Flea Market), the Night Flea Market or the Vintage Kilo Sale.

Art & Culture

The cathedral city is characterised by an outstanding art and cultural scene: In addition to the classical institutions – museums, orchestra, opera and theatre – there is an extremely lively independent scene. In particular, the creative districts feature a variety of unusual art galleries and ateliers: Within the framework of the Ehrenfeld Art Route, in May artists open their workshops for visitors and in the summer festival of the Luisenviertel in June there is a flea market, workshops and a stage programme. In the Belgian Quarter, “KUNSt&So ungewöhnliche Themenausstellungen. Daneben präsentieren zeitgenössische Galerien wie „Die Kunstagentin“, „Ruttkowski;68" and "30works" exhibit the urban and street art of established and emerging artists. The Kulturbunker Mülheim, which is located on the right bank of the Rhine, offers a diverse programme with exhibitions, performances, concerts and more. Every two years, the CityLeaks Festival is dedicated to street art and brings internationally famous artists to Cologne, focusing on a different quarter each time. Further highlights for fans of modern and contemporary art are the parallel events of ART COLOGNE in April, and the Discovery Art Fair or FAR OFF.

As a media city with numerous TV broadcasters and production companies, Cologne also has plenty to offer cinema lovers: Film fans can enjoy the Cologne cinema nights in July, the Film Festival Cologne in October and the short film festival in November. Numerous additional film and literature events complete the diverse cultural offerings.

Music & Lifestyle

Cologne also has some wonderful musical experiences: The city has an extremely active emerging music scene and offers more than 1,000 musicians living in Cologne suitable platforms for their performances. The c/o pop festival, which takes place every year, serves as a pacemaker for the current stream of pop music with international stars and emerging musicians. At the WEEK-END Festival in November, the line-up features both well-known artists and newcomers. With the Summerjam, Cologne has been home to the largest Reggae Festival in Europe for more than 30 years. Every year at the beginning of July, 30,000 visitors celebrate at Sensinger Lake for three days. In addition to a vibrant nightlife with trendy clubs and bars where live concerts and DJ sets take place, Cologne offers a number of unusual venues, such as Building 9, Gloria or King Georg. The " Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld" was named by the Federal Government as the 2017 Venue of the Year. The diversity of locations and clubs, supported by the merger of various Cologne clubs and the event organiser Klubkomm e.V., has also given rise to a variety of DJs. Due to its varied music scene, Cologne also benefits from a high density of record shops, offering something for almost every musical taste. In addition, Cologne boasts an excellent urban culinary lifestyle: Regular festivals, markets, and even restaurants have devoted themselves to street food and thus enriched the city’s already wide choice of cuisine.

For two years at a time, the Cologne Tourist Board focuses on a particular topic, which is intensively cultivated and emphasised in communication and marketing. For this, the Cologne Tourist Board makes use of a portfolio of topics that is more or less fixed. For example, the #urbanCGN theme emerged from the topic "Young Scene/Cologne for young people" and includes a range of topics that have been redeveloped to suit the purposes of the Cologne Tourist Board. Unlike other key topics, #urbanCGN will continue to run after the two years have elapsed.



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