Whether you prefer shopping malls or small, creative shops, in Cologne you can find everything your heart desires.


Schildergasse is the main shopping strip in Cologne and one of the most frequented shopping street in Germany.
Represented here are large chains and brands, such as H&M, Zara, Peek & Cloppenburg, C&A and Esprit. Perfumes, decorative items, household goods and shoes can also be found here.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 0.8 km

Hohe Straße

The Hohe Straße in Cologne starts directly behind Cologne Cathedral and leads to the Schildergasse. Both roads are among the most popular shopping streets in Germany.
This year, the Hohe Straße has managed to make it into eighth position in the most popular shopping streets survey in Germany. Large chains and brands are represented here, as well as luxury labels such as Louis Vitton and Hermès. The Lego store, which is very popular with tourists, is located on the Hohe Straße.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 1 km

Neumarkt Galerie

A popular shopping gallery in the heart of Cologne at Neumarkt - the perfect detour on the way to the Schildergasse. But it is not only the proximity to Schildergasse that makes the gallery so attractive; the place itself is surrounded by large shops such as TKmaxx, Primark, Mayersche Buchhandlung and ApelrathCüpper. Close by is Europe's largest outdoor store, Globetrotter, with 7,000 m² of sales area. 


In the Ehrenstrasse, exclusive and exceptional fashionistas are sure to find what they are looking for. For a long time, this street was viewed by locals as a secret shopping tip.
Today it is a charming mix of traditional craft shops, trendy fashion shops and modern restaurants. 

Brüsseler Platz

A wide variety of small and special boutiques and shops from local designers and brands can be found around the beautiful Brüsseler Platz in the trendy Belgian Quarter.
Between Hohenzollernring, Aachener and Venloer Strasse, the Belgian Quarter offers many individual shops for browsing and strolling.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 700 m

Breite Straße

The Breite Straße, one of the most extensive shopping streets in Cologne, is still a wonderful place to stroll and shop. Today you can find the WDR arcades, the Opera Passage and the DuMont Carré. Even though there are large stores along the Breite Straße, such as Karstadt and international labels such as Urban Outfitters, there are also small shops selling an enchanting array of knick-knacks.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 650 m


Mittelstraße is one of the most expensive and exclusive shopping streets in Cologne. Here you can find any number of exclusive designers such as Stella McCartney, Strenesse, Stefanel or Comma. At Rudolfplatz, the numerous cafes invite you in to take a welcome break. Even at the other end of the Mittelstraße you can sit in a café for a great view of St. Aposteln Church as you watch the comings and goings in the streets.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 400 m


A little distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but with a huge amount of charm and individuality, lies Ehrenfeld. Once you get off the largest road - Venloer Straße - you can find the district’s true treasures, especially in the side streets around the Catholic Church of St. Joseph. A variety of creative shops offer you cult seating, bright rubber boots and hip kitchen utensils.

  • Distance from Lindner Hotel City Plaza: 2 km

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