Teaching about sustainable development

Cocoa cultivation and harvest at the Chocolate Museum

The topic of sustainability is an integral part of the museum’s mission. Our exhibition provides information about the problematic working and living conditions of the people in the cultivation countries and the ecological challenges of cocoa cultivation. Based on current examples, we show how companies and organizations are working towards improving the difficult situation. All the information is revised and updated at regular intervals.

The topic of sustainability is of central importance in the museum’s education and communication programme. The museum offers school classes the topic "Chocolate – a universal pleasure?" In addition to the aforementioned problems and challenges, the guides tell students what they themselves can do as consumers to improve the situation of cocoa farmers. In addition to a constant range of educational services at the museum, events on sustainability take place at regular intervals. From 18th to 24th June, 2018, the Chocolate Museum held its first themed week on the topic of "Chocolate and Cocoa – sustainable and fair". Guided tours on the subject, lectures and an international conference took place. In addition, organizations and initiatives from the field of fair trade and sustainability were presented throughout the entire themed week. The themed week of sustainability will be repeated in the future at regular intervals. The Chocolate Museum strives for long-term educational partnerships with schools, including on the issue of sustainability. The aim is to make a visit to the Chocolate Museum a fixed part of the school curriculum. In order to strengthen the quality of their own education work and to become more attractive as an external learning and experience location, the museum is currently gaining certification on the topic of Teaching about Sustainable Development.


Source: https://www.schokoladenmuseum.de/ (retrieved on: 24.08.2018)


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