Dr. Hans Imhoff

Hans Imhoff was born in 1922 as a son of a master locksmith in Cologne’s Fleischmengergasse. Even as a child, he was captivated by the scent of the chocolate from the nearby Stollwerck factory. He spent almost his entire life working with and for chocolate. First in Bullay on the Moselle, where he founded his own successful chocolate factory after the war; later in Cologne, where he renovated the traditional Stollwerck Corporation and turned it back into a leading company in the industry.

In 1993 he fulfilled a dream and spent 53 million marks on the construction of “his” Chocolate Museum in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen. This decision was triggered by a coincidence - because by a whisker a large amount of today's exhibits could have been consigned to the waste heap in 1975, when the Stollwerck company relocated to Cologne-Porz. A lot of large boxes whose contents were considered "rubbish" and "junk" were meant to be thrown away.

Dr. Hans Imhoff looked at the alleged rubbish and discovered some real treasures. After moving into the new building in Porz, Imhoff commissioned the now deceased art historian and museum professor Vaclav Hepner to view the old stock.

At that time, the main focus of the collection was on exhibits that documented the history of the company Stollwerck. Over the following years, the concept was expanded extensively. A number of pieces that deal with the cultural and industrial history of chocolate were collected. Dr. Hans Imhoff died on 21/12/2007.


Source: https://www.schokoladenmuseum.de/ (retrieved on: 24.09.2018)


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