Schäfers Nas (Schäfer’s Nose)

Schäfer Nas returns stolen Cathedral cross

Heinrich Schäfer (1997) alias Schäfer Nas. The man with the broken nose is seen as a Cologne red light legend. He started his career as a doorman and bouncer, then rose to become a powerful pimp.

One year before his death, "the Nas" became a national celebrity: When on 8th February 1995 at 4:30 p.m. the silver processional cross was stolen from the cathedral treasury, even this underworld magnate was outraged!

Following a request from the then cathedral provost Bernard Henrichs (2007), he sounded out his contacts in the underworld. He actually succeeded in retrieving the valuable piece, which is traditionally carried in advance of the entry of the cardinals.

After it had been transferred to the Rheinauhafen (Rheinau Harbour), Schäfer himself handed the cross back to the cathedral provost. He waived the reward of 3000 marks: “You don't steal from the cathedral, at most you donate to the cathedral”, he explained.

However, Schäfer gratefully accepted Henrich’s offer to say mass for him. "That’s good for my black soul", he responded to Henrichs's suggestion.


Source: (Status: 18.01.2014), "The spectacular million-dollar robbery in Cologne Cathedral"
Author: Inge Wozelka


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