Highlight of each year’s Carnival in Cologne

Over a million people throng into the city on Rose Monday to watch the procession. The motto, which changes every year, runs through the entire procession and is always recognisable.
Popular and current topics from politics, sports and business, but also society and city life are parodied on the floats. Carts and carriages represent the pride and splendour of the carnival and its associated companies.

The companies with their colourful costumes and dance groups, the traditional corps in their uniforms with the carriages and carts, the noble cavalry, the many brass bands and marching bands from Germany and neighbouring countries take 3.5 hours to pass the spectators, throwing candies and chocolates as they go and distributing flowers and kisses in celebration of their city.
The triumvirate of maiden, prince and peasant is eventually revealed to their 'foolish masses'. When the cry rings out "D’r Prinz kütt" (Here comes the Prince), it marks the finale and highlight of the procession.

The groups of images show themes used for the floats of the Rose Monday parades over the last 50 years.

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