The Cologne Triumvirate - Maiden

The Maiden, "Ihre Lieblichkeit " (Her Loveliness),
as the protective mother of Cologne in the Cologne triumvirate, is always played by a man as the Cologne Carnival was previously a purely male company. From 1872 onwards, the Peasant was added to the company of the Prince and the Maiden. For this reason, the Peasant and the Maiden always travel together on Rose Monday on a splendid float. The man chosen to play the female role is not allowed to have a beard or moustache. The Cologne Maiden wears a crown that looks like the battlements of a castle. Her crown and her maidenhood symbolise the impregnability of the city of Cologne when it was still surrounded by a semi-circular city wall.
The Roman robes of the Maiden are reminiscent of the Roman Empress Agrippina the Younger, who according to the Annals of Tacitus was the founder of the city of Cologne. In the proclamation, the Cologne Maiden receives a silver mirror as a symbol. The Maiden has only received the mirror in the proclamation since 1993, "so that she can control her beauty and charm". This was conceived by Lord Mayor Norbert Burger, so that the Maiden did not leave empty-handed when the Prince received his slapstick and the Peasant his city key.

The Cologne triumvirate
is provided by the Carnival associations that are subject to the Cologne Festival Committee, and is usually composed of members of a single company. When submitting their applications, special consideration is given to companies that celebrate an anniversary in the respective year. Every year a new triumvirate is appointed for the Carnival. The Street Carnival opens at 11.11 on “Weiberfastnacht” on the Alten Markt (Old Market) and now on the Heumarkt in Cologne. The triumvirate is accompanied during the processions and on the Rose Monday parade by the Prinzen-Garde Köln 1906 e.V. (the guards for the Carnival Prince) and by the EhrenGarde der Stadt Köln 1902 e.V. (the guards for the Cologne peasant and the Cologne maiden).

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