The “Kölsches Hätz“ (heart of Cologne) beats strongly in the Lindner Hotel City Plaza

Following a four-year renovation, the Lindner Hotel City Plaza offers a genuine sense of Cologne in the heart of the city. The motto "Experience Cologne" has been brought to life on its walls by the graphic and reverse graffiti artist "SeiLeise". As a result, the Cologne Partners – ranging from Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Zoo and the Chocolate Museum to 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, the Carnival Festival Committee and the Cologne Tourist Board - are permanent features of the hotel. Even the hotel director Dirk Metzner and his entire team feel the heartbeat of Cologne in the hotel.

The Lindner Hotel City Plaza is not only located within walking distance of the city’s sights, which include Cologne Cathedral - the landmark of this city on the Rhine - the Chocolate Museum, and the House of 4711 fragrance company in the Glockengasse, but it has also given them all a second home. Street artist Tim Ossege, aka "SeiLeise”, has dedicated six elaborately designed themed floors to these heroes of Cologne. QR codes provide background information and offers.

A city tour through the hotel

The trip through the cathedral city begins in the lobby of the Lindner Hotel City Plaza, which is designed to resemble a city centre. Here, guests can find a typical Cologne spot for chatting and shopping. And good local cuisine is also on the menu: Whether for breakfast in the "Veedelsmaat" with onion mett, Flönz (blood sausage) and eggs "Dom Benedikt" or in the "Veedelseck", which is pub, restaurant and meeting point in one. From there they walk along the stylised Rhine promenade to the conference area featuring both the Veedeln district from the left bank of the river and the Schäl Sick from the right bank. Some of the typical features of the city districts are on display here. 

The sightseeing tour through Cologne continues via the lift: Large works of art, such as acrylic paintings and graffiti with 3D elements, greet visitors on the individually themed floors, and grey textile tiles indicate a walking route that takes guests past the photos, drawings and graffiti of SeiLeise. On the first floor they walk through the holy and historical city of Cologne to the Glockengasse, home of the traditional brand 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. Those with a sweet tooth will particularly enjoy the second floor dedicated to the Chocolate Museum. On the third floor, gorillas and bonobos from Cologne Zoo swing along the walls. The fourth floor, dedicated to the Cologne Tourist Board, #UrbanCGN and street art gives guests an insight into the Cologne attitude to life. This is also the case on the sixth floor, which was renamed the eleventh floor as a reference to its Carnival roots. This is explained by the motto: “Experience Cologne on 11 levels, which are actually just 6.”

A warm welcome in Cologne

Dirk Metzner, a cheerful Rhineland local, Carnival enthusiast, and since March 2015 Hotel Director at the Lindner Hotel City Plaza, is proud of the new look of the hotel, but especially of his team: "The special feature of the renovation is that we have rolled up our sleeves over the last few years and put our heart and soul into this project, and we have managed to completely transform the design room for room while keeping the hotel open. We have introduced the flair of the city and turned the City Plaza into an authentic Cologne hotel." Dirk Metzner has been working for Lindner Hotels AG since 1999, and has overseen a number of openings, rebuilding measures and repositioning activities. Most recently employed as Director for the Lindner Hotels and the Ferienpark resort at the Nürburgring, he has now found his home in the cathedral city: "Warmth and the simplicity are what make Cologne and my team such a pleasure for me. This is where I’m going to stay, I finally feel I’ve come home.

Source: Corporate communication Lindner Hotels & Resorts
Author: Linda Böke


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