Wellness hotel Bratislava

Not all roads lead to Rome!

Due to its really great location, the Lindner Hotel Gallery Central is just a few meters away from the Golem Club. Situated on the second floor of the complex, it offers pretty much everything you need, to work out and calm down: Modern fitness facilities, swimming pool and sauna area. From the hotel, it is only a few meters walk through the shopping centre. If you’re not up to changing too much, you can simply hop over in your sports apparel or bathrobe.  

Please notice that the Golem Club does NOT belong to our hotel and is therefore not included in our room rates.
Admission fee: € 9.00 per person  

We have omitted any package agreements, so our guests can decide whether they want to use the Golem Club or not and only pay for services they use.

Not just better. Different.

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