The new Lindner World Trade Center Antwerp Hotel with Sky Lounge

The new lobby in the WTC Antwerp with lounge & bar

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Choosing the perfect hotel for your holiday or business trip is no longer a purely practical decision these days. More and more hotel guests are expecting a truly unique experience. Lindner Antwerp appreciates this and immerses their guests in hospitality. Together with the design agency “Too Many Agencies” a sense of homecoming has been created on arrival, rather than an ordinary hotel environment with a reception, lounge and some random plants.

At the hotel entrance there is a five-metre-high cabinet with artefacts from tropical destinations that immediately sets the tone for a warm, welcoming interior. Our hosts will invite you to a welcome drink, take care of your luggage and assist you with the self check-in. The check-in counter in the middle of the lobby is integrated into a ten-metre island bar.

Lindner lovingly adds colour to the hotel environment. Guests can choose the environment in which they wish to arrive or depart: the lounge with its warm shades of orange, red and old rose, the royal blue bar zone with light brown highlights or the island bar in the centre, providing a lively atmosphere thanks to the wonderful emerald green play of light and the low ceiling of magnificent plants. You will feel right at home at Lindner, even if you just come for a drink. The elegant mixture of various colours and furniture, and the use of high-quality materials such as marble, braided wickerwork and thick velvet create a contemporary, chic and urban retro interior. While the light shines through the large windows during the day, the curtains create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere at night.

At the back of the lobby you can access the WTC Antwerp Business Lounge. Its colourful wallpaper, carpets and furniture give this unique room a warm and fresh ambience that invites you to work either in the coworking spaces or in the Executive Lounge, a separate meeting room.

With this new, unique and tailor-made interior design, the Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp is shaping its vision of future hospitality in the truest sense of the word: A Lindner hotel experience undoubtedly brings warmth and colour into your life!

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Meetings & events in the World Trade Center Antwerp

In our WTC Antwerp Business Lounge, you can meet in a simple yet elegant setting. It is perfect for small meetings, discussions or just for fun. The Executive Lounge is ideal for larger meetings and can be rented by the hour. You can also get something to drink and eat here. The WTC Antwerp Business Lounge exemplifies the close cooperation between Lindner and the World Trade Center. Modern business travellers will find everything they need and will benefit from the excellent service and hospitality they have come to expect from Lindner Hotels & Resorts.

In this beautifully designed coworking space, you can concentrate on your work or hold small informal meetings. In addition, the coworking space allows you to get in touch with other entrepreneurs and create new business opportunities together. The lounge is naturally equipped with all necessary business equipment such as fast WiFi, comfort and sufficient space. The WTC Antwerp Executive Lounge is suitable for private business meetings. You can rent this conference room for 16 people with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment (for example, voice control via Alexa) for meetings on an hourly basis. Combined with the stylish urban chic of the interior, this gives your productivity and creativity a real kick.

In addition to the WTC Antwerp Business Lounge on the ground floor, there are conference rooms on the second and third floors. They have the following names: New York 1 and 2, Vancouver 1 and 2, Lima, London, Shanghai, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Dubai. The names were deliberately chosen because the international port cities have one thing in common: a WTC office. In each meeting room there is a statement about the respective WTC city. Two conference rooms are located on the second floor and eight on the third floor.

There is also the new twelfth floor, which has three additional conference rooms (WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge 1WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge 2WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge 3).       

Sky Lounge in the World Trade Center Antwerp - Renovation of the 12th floor

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Imagine a unique place where you can organise a meeting, event or conference for 2 to 180 people with breath-taking panoramic views of the beautiful city of Antwerp. This is now possible in the Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp! We are delighted to present our new World Trade Center Antwerp Sky Lounge three different WTC Antwerp Sky Lounges each with its own character and innovative design along with a large terrace on the twelfth floor of our hotel. You reach the sky at Lindner Antwerp!

WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge I (Rubens)

Peter Paul Rubens was arguably the most famous citizen of Antwerp: Even during his lifetime, he was renowned throughout Europe as a court painter. His works are characterised by light, vitality and the luminosity of the colours; perfect conditions for the interior design of the WTC Antwerp Sky lounge I.

His characteristically gentle brushstrokes are reflected in the carpet of this room, represented by warm colours and spherical motifs. The design of the walls is reminiscent of his sophisticated painting technique on wood.

Pictures by the baroque painter, who is one of the most expensive "Old Masters", fetched prices of up to 76.7 million euros at auctions. During his lifetime as an artist and entrepreneur, Rubens was already influencing the business life of the Netherlands; an ideal inspiration for an effective meeting room.

WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge II (Diamonds)

The design of the WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge II is inspired by the famous Antwerp diamond district surrounding the hotel. The large roof terrace, which extends over the entire width of the building, affords an excellent view of 600 years of diamond history and approximately 1,600 diamond dealers over an area of just under one square kilometre.

The seemingly random design of the carpet in this room, constrained in natural colours, symbolizes the disordered structure of an uncut diamond; after all, 86% of all uncut diamonds mined from all over the world pass through this city. The geometrical patterns of the wallpaper, on the other hand, visually represent the finished cut diamonds. Since 1447, the city has perfected its diamond cutting expertise.

Cutting a small diamond takes a few hours, while larger uncut diamonds take weeks or even months to finish; just like the strategies and creative ideas in a meeting room.

WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge III (Zoo)

The Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe and still impresses today with its beautiful historic architecture from the 19th century and its imaginative garden landscapes.

The design of the WTC Antwerp Sky Lounge III echoes Belgium's most famous zoo, which represents an important part of the city's history. Inspired by its beautiful butterfly garden, the shimmering wings of colourful butterflies can be found on the carpet. The walls resemble cell structures and reflect the importance of science and research, which is also an important aspect of the Antwerp Zoo. Over 5,000 animals from approximately 950 species are gathered here.

The zoo is an oasis in the middle of the city; just like a meeting under the heavens of the Sky Lounge.

WTC Antwerp Sky Coffee Lounge (Harbour)

The second largest port in Europe is located only 3.5 kilometres from here, embedded in the mouth of the Scheldt, the pulsating lifeline of the famous city. Guests will recognise elements of the Antwerp harbour in the charming Coffee Lounge. The design recalls one of the more than eleven million shipping containers that find their way into the port every year. The blue, ribbed cladding of the walls is also inspired by this. The metal elements, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the 18 historic cranes that have been the centrepiece of Antwerp's harbour since 1263.

The floor features undulating lines that recreate the course of the Scheldt bank. A further "ode to the Scheldt": the numerous cosy seating areas, likewise with curved forms, as well as the coworking tables for working, discussing or relaxing.

World Trade Center Antwerp: What does the cooperation mean?

From here to the whole world

“Welcome to the world” is the motto of the Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp: The hotel is a partner of the World Trade Center Association, a worldwide business network with its headquarters in New York. In addition to Antwerp, the WTC Group is represented in a further 318 cities and 90 countries.

Lindner's business guests have numerous advantages through the partnership with an exclusively designed Business Lounge, modern boardrooms and the official World Trade Center Antwerp Sky Lounge on the twelfth floor at a height of 46 metres, which symbolizes the cooperation. The different areas and colours of the hotel bar, 360 Degrees, represent the various cultures of the world. Multi colours = Multi cultures.

Conducting international business transactions from the hotel is now even easier and more convenient for business guests and companies. The hotel not only organises many services such as secretarial services, legal advice, tax support and real estate advice. It also provides a postal service for a permanent company address in Antwerp here in the hotel. WTC members also benefit from various upgrades and discounts, as well as events and international contacts that bring them forward.

In the Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp, business guests, companies and city travellers alike will find optimal support and a relaxed atmosphere.

Discover the world with us and use the Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp as your new business hub!

Factsheet Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp

What it means for guests with WTC membership 

  • Use of the WTC Antwerp Business Lounge, coworking spaces, drinks, snacks, Executive Lounge

  • Upgrade of the hotel room free of charge

  • Conference room discount

Additional benefits of the WTC membership

  • B2B activities

  • Network events

  • Access to the network of all WTCs worldwide

  • Mediation of international contacts

  • Digital networking

What it means for guests without WTC membership 

  • As a private guest you can stay overnight in the hotel as usual

  • WTC membership is not required for the stay

  • As a business traveller, you can also use the coworking spaces (day entry fee) 

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