City break Antwerp

Super summer saver in Antwerp

Situated in the heart of the glittering diamond district near the central station, the casual elegance and special charm of the Lindner Hotel & City Lounge is bound to be the highlight of your Antwerp trip!

Antwerp is a world metropolis in miniature. Just arriving by train is an event in itself, since when you step out of the train into the main station, you will be amazed by this multi-level railway world in which the trains run above each other on 3 levels of rails. At the same time, the main station is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Antwerp. Antwerp is not only the worldwide capital of the diamond trade. The city also showcases art, fashion, superb architecture, museums, chocolate and last but not least, the world-renowned chips!

But what makes this city so special is not just the numerous sights. It is the incredible range of hidden gems waiting to be discovered as you explore the city. For example, the cosy Hinterhof Galleries, the lively shopping streets, the converted warehouses, the comfortable cafés, the beautiful parks, etc. Also, the bicycle rental stations, which you find everywhere in the city, are highly practical. Antwerp is colourful, vibrant and worth visiting over and over again!

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