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Antwerp - summer city trip!

It is thought that the name “Antwerp” probably originates from “An der Werp” (on the terp). The early inhabitants lived on hills that were safe ground from river flooding known as “terps” or “warfts”. There’s also another story surrounding the origins of the name “Antwerp”: According to the German Bravo legend (no, not THAT Bravo), the young hero Bravo hacked off the hand of a wicked giant and threw it into the sea. And so we get the German “Handwerfen” (tossing of hand), i.e. “Antwerp”. Could this be true?

Around 500,000 people and 174 nationalities live in Antwerp. And although Antwerp is the second biggest city in Belgium, it is still somehow the secret capital. Anyone who loves old and new art treasures, outstanding architecture, stories and history, not to mention diamonds, should certainly visit Antwerp. And if you love chips and chocolate, then you should also go, too. This is where the colourful present meets the glorious past. In the 15th century, Antwerp was one of the largest cities in Europe. Could it have had chips, even then? We really don’t know.

But we do know that 80% of all the diamonds in the world end up in Antwerp, the largest trading platform in the world. Mostly behind closed doors, high quality works of art are created, traded, sold and resold here. The port is at least as famous as the diamonds. It’s Belgium’s largest port and the second largest port in Europe. Antwerp is a place made for peering, meandering and discovering, and, of course, falling in love with its particular flair. Breathtakingly beautiful squares and streets adorn the city, and markets and treasures can be found around every corner. And on one of them we even find the hand-tossing hero Bravo!

As one of THE fashion centres in Europe, Antwerp is also pure inspiration. Everywhere you find the most popular styles, the coolest of trends and the wildest creations when it comes to clothes.

As well as the grandiose cultural delights and sightseeing pleasures Antwerp has to offer, it is also possible to binge on all your favourite vices: shopping, chocolate, chips and fantastic Belgian beer, particularly in the summer months. You will find that the Lindner Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp is at least just as charming and inspiring as the city. On the upper floors with their sensational views over the city, Lindner Hotel & City Lounge is really top of the pops, and just soooo comfortable. Whilst being casual, easy-going and refined, all at the same time. And the location is absolutely perfect, too: directly next to the station, which, by the way, is also one of the most sensational historical buildings in Antwerp. Trains operate on 3 levels here! Sightseeing from the very first moment.

Antwerp is particularly fabulous in summer.

PS: Don’t miss going to the zoo!

Our ice cream tipp in Antwerp ♥ Cremerie Germaine

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